Thursday 26 July 2007

Pretty Things . . .

I have so much going on at the moment that my little head is a spinning!

Late last night I took some time out for myself, admittedly I was watching one of my fave reality TV programmes 'American Batchelor', I know its trashy but I get great pleasure from seeing how these women go ga ga over a complete stranger . . .

Anyway I started fiddling around with some paper and stuff and came up with one gift card and two tags. The bookmark swap was my first attempt at this type of craft so I am feeling pretty chuffed with how these turned out.

I love these little china ballet shoes, I got them at the market two Sundays ago and no way are they going into shop stock! They are mine!

Today I raced out and came home with a rolling glue pen, glitter and a silver art pen! I'm hooked!

This is a card, I am going to add it to the shop stock, I think its so soft and pretty.

And these are the tags. I used plain old playing cards, an idea I got from one of my many piles of magazines. These follow in the soft and pretty theme of the card. I feel this is just the beginning of a new addiction . . .

I have some exciting news also but thats going to have to wait until my next post as its time for this gal to retire for the evening.

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bluemuf said...

Love the card and tags. Great job.