Monday 5 September 2011

Painful times

Almost a month since I last posted, a month that has been a blur due to the pain relief I have been on and still am on due to the broken ribs and traumatised state of my spine...

Six weeks on and I can now drive, so have got my Princess back part time, have started going to back to uni part time, and regaining independence like being able to make my bed, do my laundry, cook,  go for walks, clean my teeth, wash my hair, brush my hair, get dressed and be less consumed and overwhelmed by how much it hurts.

Pain ravaged face - first time out on my own!
And yesterday I had the most wonderful sneezing fit without being knocked to the ground by the pain. It was just fabulous! Who would have thought it would be so fabulous to be able to sneeze!

Sleeping still hurts badly, I don't sleep well, there is no comfortable position, and I can't read in bed anymore as I can't lie on my back, the pain makes me want to throw up.  Same with sitting, have to have padding behind me, and can't wear a bra, tried on Friday, it was like an iron bar around my back!

5 more months and I should be completely healed....

I just read this back, sounds a bit self indulgent! Sorry... I normally like to be upbeat on my blog... oh well...

Princess's flower arrangement on the mantle
and it's not all doom and gloom, I have had some really funny moments, great moments, bizarrely hilarious moments and yummy romantic moments over this time......

Princess wearing her new outfit

which I might just tell you about in my next post! ;-)

so in the meantime I'll leave you here at the end of this doomy gloomy one

until next time!

take care