Tuesday 27 May 2008

100+ Hours Later . . .

and the party is over! Like all good parties it finished much later than scheduled!

It was so much fun, I have met so many new friends, my Google Reader subscription is now looking very scary . . .

There are so many great blogs out there, so much talent, humour and creativity. I loved seeing where everyone blogs from and loved reading the answers to the questions, lots of laughs:))))

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who 'partied' either by participating or commenting or both.

Now for the prize draws,

the winner of the Shabby Chic makeup bag is . . . . . .
Victoria at Vintage Tea - congratulations Victoria:)

the 10th person to link and post on their blog and win a paper doll dress was . . . . . .
Muriel at Muriels Diaries - congratulations Muriel:)

and the winner of the paper doll dress for the comments left
was . . . . . . .

Jen at Windy Ridge Chronicles - congratulations Jen:)

I have read many beautiful American blogs over the last three days, many of whom have been honouring Memorial Day, it has been a very touching 'education' for me, the 'real' side of what TV and newspaper news does not report in depth.

Blessings to those who gave their life for their country and to the families left behind.

Rachael xo
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Friday 23 May 2008

100 Posts - its a 100 hour long Party!


Welcome to my 100 posts party with prizes to boot!

It took me ages to think of something fun to do to celebrate reaching 100 posts, apart from popping the obligatory champagne cork that is!

So without further ado, lets get into it, shall we???

Its a "its nice to meet you, lets get to know each other a bit better" kind of party.

A party that is going to run for 100 hours and at the end of the 100 hours I will announce the prize winners.

As a way to get to know each better, I thought it would be fun if we showed where we blog from.

Here is where I blog from, my little cream bureau in a corner of the dining room.

I love sitting here tapping away at the computer surrounded by my pretties.

The second part of the party is to answer the following 10 questions about yourself, I made it 10 as I thought 100 might be too much!

Ok, so here are my answers to the 10 questions.
  1. Relationship: Married to Babes for 10 years
  2. Children: The Princess age 5, Tom (Koren Homestay Son) age 18.
  3. Pets: Coco the cat (named after Coco Chanel)
  4. Age: 42 but I am very immature for my age!
  5. Star Sign: Libra
  6. Fave Food: Sushi
  7. Fave Drink: Champagne
  8. House Decor Style: Vintage Clutter!
  9. Collections: Roses, Cherubs, Vintage Linens, Vintage Evening Bags
  10. How Did You Get Into Blogging: I accidentally stumbled across a blog while searching for something to do with Cath Kidston and spent months lurking around blogs before taking the plunge.
Because its my party, I am going to give away some prizes.

This gorgeous make up bag is the main prize, to enter to win all you have to do is link up to the party and post on your blog. I will do a random draw at the end of the 100 hours.

I am also going to give away one of these paper doll dresses which will be drawn randomly from the leave a comment section of this post.

And just to mix it up even more, if you are the 10th person to link and join the party then you get a paper doll dress and if by some chance the links reach 100, I'll throw in another gorgeous prize for that 100th person.

Please join the party so that we can get to know you better. All you have to do is click on Mister Linky below to join up.

  1. Jen - My 3 Boys & I
  2. Stephanie - Angelic Accents
  3. Karen
  4. Barbara - 123 Lollipop Lane
  5. Connie - Living Beautifully
  6. Jennifer - Jennifer;s Petal Palace
  7. Brittany - Adeline's Shabby Cottage
  8. Sherry - Camp Sherry
  9. Mary Rose - Isabellas Closet
  10. Muriel - Muriels Diaries
  11. Catie - Catiean & Co
  12. Cheryl - Confections
  13. Sarah - Gypsy Mermaid
  14. Pam - Blog Cabin Fever
  15. Denise - Couture de Papier
  16. Cielo - The House in the Roses
  17. Mary Lozinak - Pink Flamingo 61
  18. Carol - Spirits Journey Designs
  19. Karen - Bluemuf's Corner
  20. Sherry - Renee - If I Could Set My Soul Free
  21. Jessi- Scrappy Jessi
  22. Shirl - Shirls Rose Cottage
  23. Betty - She's Sew Pretty
  24. Sandy - Art is the Colour and Textures of your imagination
  25. Dana - Life is Good
  26. Celestina Marie - La Rea Rose
  27. Ruby Begonias
  28. Vanessa - Vanilla Lavender
  29. Andrea - Vintage Paper Bella
  30. Alicia - Time Worn Style
  31. Kelly
  32. Marsha - Just Imagine Originals
  33. Melissa
  34. Di - Mamma B's Attic
  35. Victoria - Vintage Tea
  36. Amy - I Love Retro Things
  37. Marcy - The Glamorous Life
  38. Tamara - Magic Molecules
  39. Elizabeth - Thoughts from an Evil Overlord
  40. Melinda - Melinda's Fabric Fancies
  41. Robin - Robin's Rest
  42. Joyce - The Secret Gardener
  43. Amy - I love Retro Things

I made this party button for you to copy and display on your blog if you want to.

Its time to party, ready, set, go, the 100 hours starts from NOW!!!!!

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Under the Weather

The weather has turned, we seem to have missed Autumn (fall) and rocked straight into winter. Cold, icy cold wind and so much rain. Consequently I have a nasty chest infection. Felt so miserable I did not even have the energy for the Swashbucklers Soiree and I had something totally amusing planned!

So, I am going to retreat again for a few more weeks and when I come back it will be my 100th post, I think a celebration is in order!

Until then

p.s. I will also have some before and afters to show!!!

p.p.s. I am going to have to take my laptop to a little man, the fan makes a very loud noise and there is a yukky smell coming from the back. I will be laptop-less for a few days, what will I do without it, without you . . .