Thursday 27 March 2008

"What do your LOVE about your Birdie's home?"

Little Gold Bird was miserable. His current nest in the Rosemary Bush was not very comfortable, while it smelled nice, it was very prickly and very lonely.

Little Gold Bird set off on an adventure to look for a new nest and company. He happened upon an abandoned bird nest. While it was more comfy than the Rosemary bush, it even had a soft pink satin pillow, but it was still lonely.

Little Gold Bird kept flying until he landed on the most marvellous pink nest inside a pink castle. "Gorgeous" he thought has he lay down beside a princess with long yellow feathers. Little Gold Bird squirmed and wriggled trying to get comfortable as he snuggled closer to the princess's head. But alas this nest wouldn't do either, pale pink was not really his colour and while the princess was pretty she snored and he didn't get a wink of sleep all night.

On and on Little Gold Bird flew until he almost crashed into the most fabulous 'A framed' nest he had ever seen. It had everything a bird could possibly want in life . . .

Flowers, insect life, ready made eggs, cute fluffy yellow chickens to cheep with, a bunny to schmooze with, hearts, tinsel, ribbon, shiny foil and best of all . . .

A love interest!!!!

Little Gold Bird much preferred red heads!!!!

Karla and Beth are having a Bling your Birdhouse Day, or "What do your LOVE about your Birdie's home?" party. Click on Karla and Beth's names and head on over to their blogs to view the most amazing blingy bird houses ever seen!
Thanks Karla and Beth, you girls sure know how to throw a good party!

Wednesday 26 March 2008

Its a crazy life . . .

Life is as crazy as ever here. Just when I thought it was settling back down and I had my house in order, gardens weeded and my Internet business about to start up again, Grandad's pneumonia took a turn for the worse and he is now in hospital.

This week is mad, I am taking Amah to the hospital every afternoon to visit Grandad in between home schooling The Princess who has now finished at Pre School and not starting Primary School until 9 April. Don't ask, its a long story!!!

So my lovely clean, orderly house that looked like this last week is starting to revert back to its usual stuff everywhere state! UGH!!!!

The Princess and I did manage to get to one of Tom, our Korean homestay son's soccer games. We had so much fun on the side line. The Princess is seen here cheering for the other team . . . deliberately!!!!!

Creatively speaking I am having a creating drought. Although actually I have whipped up two more of my cupcake/aprons sets for little girls birthday presents.

The Princess's last day at Pre School was a Mad Hatters Tea Party. I did concoct this creation the day before. I love it!!!!

If I don't get my bird house done for Karla and Beth's party on Thursday I will use this!!!

I love Easter, its my favorite holiday. I find it so much more relaxed than Christmas. Each year on Easter Sunday, Babes and I host an Easter Egg hunt and big lunch for family and friends.
We hide the eggs in our garden and lay a trail of them across the road and into Amah and Grandads garden.

At the end we get the children to tip their buckets on the floor and we divide the spoils up!!!

It was a great day, hot and sunny, the children and ladies all went swimming in our little pool.

Sorry no photo's as we were in our underwear!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.

Thursday 13 March 2008

Our Miracle Princess is 5 Years Old

On Thursday 12 March 2003, Steve (Babes) and I met our daughter for the very first time and fell instantly in love with her. She was four days old and was lying asleep in a white wicker bassinet. We were left alone with her and after feeding her we undressed her and counted her fingers and toes.

We had known of her existence for a mere two days, we had been floating in a dream like state since the time I had answered the phone on Tuesday morning asking if Steve and I still wished to become parents as a baby girl had been born on Saturday 8 March 2003 and her Birth Mother had chosen us to be her parents.

The voice on the other end of the phone informed me that she was a healthy baby girl, her Birth Mother had named her Stella, her Birth Mother would like to meet us and then we would be taken to visit the baby on Thursday.

I can’t tell you what that phone call was like; we had waited 2 ½ years for it and had all but given up. It still overwhelms me when I think of it as from that moment on our lives changed irrevocably all thanks to one incredibly strong, brave young woman who made our dream come true.

We brought our baby girl home when she was 10 days old. She was utterly and completely our baby, we had already forged an incredible bond, not only with her, but also with her Birth Mother.

Bringing her home was bittersweet, I had witnessed the grief her Birth Mother experienced saying goodbye to her and my heart broke for her. I vowed to myself that I would do all that I could to keep her a big part of Stella’s life for both their sakes.

We could have changed the names our baby’s Birth Mother gave her but we decided that those names were a life long gift to her from her Birth Mother; after all she would have our surname. Also Stella so happens to be my mother and my grandmother’s middle name.

Other eerie coincidences we found are; Stella was born on my Stepfathers birthday, her Birth Mothers surname is the same as my mothers maiden name although spelt differently, Stella’s Birth Mother lived in a street with an usual name, my grandfather had lived in that street name in another city and so on.

Our daughter knows that she grew in her birth Mummy’s tummy and she grew in her Mummy and Daddy’s hearts.

She is a much loved and cherished little girl, as all children should be, by our families and also her birth family. She has more grandparents than most children! She is secure and well balanced, knows exactly who she is and how she came about.

We all have a wonderful warm and caring relationship with my daughter’s Birth Mother. She visits often, joins us for Christmas Day and Birthdays when she can. She is the first person we share all Stella’s exciting milestones, achievements and funny things with, as we know she is as proud and excited as we are.

The beautiful daughter the three of us share turned 5 this Saturday just gone. How did those first five years go so quickly? She is a sweet, caring, clever, funny little girl who is so dearly loved and cherished. I count my blessings every single day for the privilege of being her Mummy.

Happy 5th Birthday to our beautiful Princess and Happy 5th Birthing Day to her beautiful Birth Mother.

Tuesday 11 March 2008

I've been to Paradise . . .

Fiji was paradise. The most relaxing holiday I have ever had and the very best time with The Princess.

It was magical from the moment we arrived at Nadi Airport where we were greeted by Rosie Tours who welcomed us to beautiful Fiji with Bula (hello) Beads as seen here, modelled by The Princess.

We stayed at the Raddison Resort on Denarau Island which just out of Nadi. Our suite had the most glorious views, this photo is taken from our balcony looking down to the ocean, the restaurants and the pool areas.

The suite was large and quite luxurious. It was beautifully appointed with everything one could need or want including laundry facilities and full cooking facilities, if one so desired to cook. I DIDN'T!!!!!

We had only just arrived and The Princess opened her case and had strewn her belongings everywhere. Home away from home!!!!!!

I loved the bathroom with its twin basins, phone beside the toilet, big tub and separate shower. The Princess and I would take a big bubble bath every night before going to dinner.

Babes had to go to work every day.
It was a tough life for The Princess and I. We would wander down to the restaurant for breakfast. We ate beautiful fresh tropical fruits each morning. After breakfast we would go back to our suite, watch a few cartoons before changing into swim wear for a hard day at the pool.

It was so hot and humid, we spent all day, every day in the pool. You can see the pool bar in the background. We would swim over to sit half submerged in the water, sip on lemonade, champagne or cocktails, order lunch and swim to our deck loungers to eat lunch before slivering back into the pool. Ordering food and drinks was the most taxing thing I had to do each day!!!!!

I would dress The Princess and I up all nice to go to dinner each night. Here we are in the Orchid Bar of our hotel having pre dinner cocktails.

The Princess would pick tropical flowers that had fallen to the ground for our hair each night. All of us including Babes would have a flower!!!! The Princess also discovered toothpicks and became obsessed with them!!!!!!

I love cooking, however I really loved not cooking for a week. We ate in at the hotel each night as Babes would be tired from working. The hotel restaurants catered for all tastes, pizza for The Princess and Babes . . .

and for those with slightly more discerning tastes, such as myself meals like this.

I thought of you Natasha as I had a cocktail . . .

or two!!!!!!

Not to mention the champagne I drank with my lunch, dinner etc.
This was left in our suite one day, compliments of Babes boss. Nice, thank you very much.

Fiji has the most beautiful skies. Clear blue during the day and glorious sunsets at night.

On our very last day we went on a boat cruise. Denarau Island has a busy marina, the scene for the day set by this group of Fijian's playing guitars and singing. The Fijians, as with most Polynesian people are very musical, they have beautiful singing voices. They also have warm and happy personalities.

We boarded this nice big catamaran and 30 minutes later . . .

we arrived here at South Sea Island, a beautiful coral atoll.

This really was paradise, Babes and I snorkeled, we saw the most incredible coloured schools of tropical fish and coral, I really wish I had an underwater camera.
While Babes snorkeled on his own The Princess and I sat at the waters edge and watched in fascination as tiny tropical fish swam at our feet.

We then relaxed in the sun before being treated to a yummy open air Barbecue Buffet lunch.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect holiday.
The next morning we were up at 4am to catch our flight back to Auckland. I was devastated to be leaving my luxury resort and to return to reality.

It wasn't 'Heaven on a Stick' it was 'Heaven on a Whopping Great Pole'!!!!!

Saturday 1 March 2008

It didn't rain, it poured . . .

It didn't just rain this week, it poured . . .

  • Amah in hospital
  • Granddad in bed with bad chest infection
  • Me in bed for 3 days with bad chest infection
  • Me taking Granddad to Doctor every second day
  • Granddad's chest infection turning into Pneumonia
  • Nothing organised
  • Nothing packed
  • The Princess's renewed passport held up in Wellington even though the application and payment had been sent in plenty of time
  • All day Thursday spent running around Auckland City and phone calls to Internal Affairs in Wellington to get the passport
  • Paid another $150 to have passport done urgently
  • Contemplated flying to Wellington to get passport
  • More sleepless nights due to no passport and coughing fits
Today is Saturday, all is well
  • Passport arrived Friday
  • The Princess has a slight ear and throat infection but we have medicine
  • Korean daughter packed for camp
  • Korean son organised to stay with Mum
  • We are packed for Fiji

I am exhausted but sitting here at 9.50pm with
  • Natural golden brown hair dye processing in my hair
  • Revlon Red toe nails drying

Oh and we have found out there is a possibly that Babes may have to fly out to Germany for 10 days on 7 March at 1pm, nice timing, we arrive back from Fiji on 7 March at 9am and 8 March is The Princess's 5th Birthday . . .


But in the meantime, do think of me lying by the pool in the hot but comfortable sun sipping my cocktail/s brought to me by a bronzed god wearing a little sarong . . . .

p.s. Pat I have sent it!!! Barb I haven't but I will . . . .