Sunday 29 August 2010

Ceilings, Jewels and Bags

This castle I am in has ceilings to die for in the living room and my bedroom,

it's very pleasant staring upwards!

my bedroom is almost done, cleaned out my drawers, sorted out clothes, my jewels and bags are now organised!

the rest of it is slowly coming together!

Take Care

Friday 27 August 2010

One room at a time

The castle is a work in progress, unpacking that is.

I have one room completely unpacked and give or take a few minor things, almost how I want it.

Crystal, comports, pearls and sparkles on my Great Grandmothers dressing table.

The dressing table has been passed through four generations of my family, my mum wants to strip it back to its original wood but I like the chippy layers of generation paint!

The fur coat belonged to my great, great Aunty Maggie, she bought it to celebrate the passing of her husband. Yes I did say celebrate!!!

The fireplace is what I look at from my bed, shame it's blocked up, imagine lying in bed with a fire roaring!

This photo was taken standing in my living room. I have huge double doors to close the bedroom off but really love how the two rooms flow into each other.

That's all for now.

Take care

Sunday 15 August 2010

Rest in Peace Nanna

The wasband's grandmother and The Princess's great grandmother passed away at lunchtime today.

Nanna turned 97 yesterday. Up until the last few years, Nanna had kept amazing health. She was very fit, she walked for miles, did keep fit classes and yoga and at 90 could still touch her toes.

Sadly for Nanna the last few years have been very miserable for her. She has gone to a much better place.

Rest in peace Nanna, you were a much admired and respected lady.

Love Rachaelxo

Saturday 14 August 2010

Moving and studying...

just do not go together!

My front living room...

my dining room...

so what do I do...

rearranged my blog and facebooking - naughty girl!

denial is my style!

take care

Thursday 12 August 2010

The Castle

The Princess and I are moving into this castle!

Into the part drawn by the ugly blue line!

The little french doors open off my bedroom and the windows to the left of that is what will be the Princess's playroom.

We take over the tenancy next week....

I am so excited..... honestly the ceilings are to die for! lol

In the mean time I had better get on with the 20,000 assignments I have due!

take care

Sunday 8 August 2010

I want to live here...

I went to look at this place today, it is divided into 4 apartments. If I get it, mine would be the one on the bottom level on the left hand side.

It is seriously amazing, huge and the ceilings are to die for.

Naturally you move into a home just for the ceilings!

Will keep you posted!

take care

Thursday 5 August 2010

Bed Hair!

my post title amuses me!

ah well, small minds are easily amused! lol

so bed hair... bed hair can be good bed hair, or bed hair can be bad bed hair,

in my case this morning bed hair was bad bed hair, very bad bed hair!

I was scheduled to do a recorded Skype testimonial with Dr Bob, who wrote Break Free from the Affair, the book that saved my life after my marriage breakup with the wasband.

Between Dr Bob and I we messed the time up, he being in Florida and me being in Auckland and it ended up being an impromptu online interview at 8am this morning...

oh it was not pretty... I had planned to be groomed etc for this, not bleary eyed and bed hair on end!!

but you do what you have to do for your Doctor's and I do love my Doctor's, Dr Bob (author of Break Free) - life saver, Dr Vic (chiropractor) - victimisation, Dr Phil (famous man on TV) - intervention, Dr Peter (general practitioner) - medication... etc etc

so you can be sure that if my little live testimonial ends up on his website or youtube I so will not be giving you all the link!!!

take care

Tuesday 3 August 2010

This n That

I remembered I forgot to show and tell my op shop finds from the other day so here they are.

Fabulous crochet blanket, love the jewel like colours used in the peggy squares! Will sell it on Trade Me in the next few weeks.

Six vintage styled daisy patterned glasses, we needed new drinking glasses, nice to have six that match!

Gorgeous, gorgeous table cloth, will sell that soon too.

Pile of vintage linens, cos a girl can never have too many vintage linens, well I can't! I know its a little weird but I love laundering them and then ironing them, dreaming of what I can turn them into.

and this funky red cap which I am keeping and wearing!

My hair after the stylist cut it and straightened my already straight hair. It looked good, never looks like that when I do it, hence the cap! lol

Busy with 20,000 uni assignments! Ok maybe not that many but does feel like it.

Speaking of which, one is calling my name...

take care