Sunday 22 May 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The good is my newest nephew, Machlen Peter Maine Johnston, born on 11 May. He is gorgeous!

The bad is this was the general state of my castle for the last couple of months. I am normally the Queen of folding laundry but I have been so busy with university so nasty baskets and piles everywhere.

The ugly is the water leak from the upstairs apartment that flowed into mine for 12 hours.

and the hole one of the plumbers fell through in the kitchen because the ceiling was so wet!

The machines that we had for a week to dry the place out, hoses running into the kitchen sink and bath and phenomenal noise. Walking through the foyer to the bathroom was like walking through a tornado, our hair would rise and our clothes billow up around us.

It was not pretty! I get a new kitchen ceiling, cupboard doors and floor covering out of it and the walls in the foyer painted.

Not all bad though, I have found that tradesman are HOT!! Especially plumbers :-P

I finally uploaded my Bali photos so will post some in the next few days!


Take Care