Monday 4 October 2010

Where did September go?

I lost September, it was mad and bad and crazy...

some nasty things happened that could have had negative long term consequences on my life plans... but fortunately someone or something was looking out for me and the mad and bad and crazy roller coaster I was on ended and positive outcomes started coming my way.....


But among it all I have had some good and fun times:)

And little spurts of nesting to make this castle we live in more like a home....

My computer corner, note... no pink or roses!!!

This table will get a coating of white paint over summer, its got my printer on the bottom shelf,

and the fireplace in the living room, which is festooned with rose lights, so pretty at night, and a pretty Princess to decorate it as well!

The ugly sofa, I have white fabric to make a slipcover and the cushions are going, there will also be major changes to the shelving in the background.

This was the bathroom curtain, so funny, when you slid the window up to open it, the ugly curtain went up to, so no privacy!!!

I made this cute black and white striped curtain that stays put when the window is opened!

Unless its tied back!

It was the Wasband's birthday in September so the fashion conscious supermodel Princess posed for me, we then hopped on the train and went into the city, developed the photo and put it in a frame, an hour before the Wasband turned up!!!

And while we were at it, I got my nose re-pierced, for his birthday! Ha!!!

So that was a bit of September!!!

October is so much better already!!!

Take Care