Sunday 30 September 2007

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

Well woman in this case!.

We have this thing in Auckland called Inorganics where once a year you get notified to put all your unwanted household items out on the curbside.

It's my favourite time of the year, aside from holidays that is!

I took my Mum out for a 'drive' yesterday! She was a bit mortified to start with as I would slam the brakes on and leap out the car to grab whatever it was had caught my eye!

You have to be quick otherwise someone else will get it!

Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this up a quiet street. It was filled with rubbish and water and I am screaming hysterically at Mum that there was no way I was leaving it, I would push it all the way home if I had to!!!

Anyway, emptied the rubbish and drained it of water, pushed it up a hill to a park where Mum and I 'discretely' unloaded the car of all the other 'treasures' and then re packed it to accommodate THIS!!!

Can you believe it?????

It was so funny, Mum and I practically wet ourselves with laughter while struggling with it, discretely!

Photo's don't do it any justice as I took them at night inside my 'studio'. Mum thinks its late 1950's, older than what she used to push us in. It's actually huge and even though the tyres are pretty much gone it still pushes like a charm!
I'll show you what else I got over the next few days, its like being a child in a candy store for me!!!

Friday 28 September 2007

Wallpaper, Poodles and Lace, Books and a Decorating Change

It's been such a busy week, so many parties, so little time . . .

I had a couple of parcels arrive this week from Trade Me (our version of EBAY) purchases.

The first was a book on Marie Antoinette, the book ended up in the rubbish, it was filthy. But it arrived wrapped in this wallpaper!!!!! I couldn't believe it. Being the ingenious type, (not often) I emailed the sender and asked if she had more wallpaper and could I buy it. It is on its way as we speak. About 1/2 roll of it!!!! LUCKY ME!!!!

A day later another parcel arrived, again wrapped in wallpaper!!!! What's going on here????
It's pretty but quite easy to get so didn't pursue that one!

This is what was inside, isn't that the most gorgeous print you have ever seen????? Well, I think so. I think I will reproduce it and sell copies.

Also got these cute swan decals, ribbons and laces off the same seller. Oh and a Victorian postcard book that I forgot to photograph.

Then yesterday Mum and I went to a Bookarama Sale. It had been pretty well picked over but I did manage to get this lot, to mostly rip up and recreate with! Mum got some very cool craft books that she might share with me if I am a good girl!

As we were going out the door I spied a big carton labelled RUBBISH with books poking out of it. RUBBISH, music to this girls ears! Much to Mum's horror I started rifling through it and unearthed all of this!!!! The two smaller books are very old dictionaries, one is French. The two large books are called Sunday at Home and are filled with the most fabulous illustrations. The RUBBISH started off to be free and then the charity people holding the Bookarama suggested a donation. So in the end the RUBBISH cost me $4!!!!!! I was thrilled!!!!

These are so great!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who commented on how nice they thought our home was. It's actually going to undergo a transformation as a result of watching Marie Antoinette (twice) this week. I am inspired to move to something along the lines of this . . .

Poor Babes has unwittingly bought into my scheme as last night he remarked on how much light our bedroom Portiere's let in! " Don't worry love" said me " I have got it in hand".
I am thinking heavy Portiere's (my fave word of the week) and draperies around our bed, something like this . . .


Wednesday 26 September 2007

The Bloglandia Ball

"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date" . . .

My silver pumpkin carriage didn't arrive so I had to 'borrow' this . . .

and my costume is incomplete, I had a vision of crown, mask, magical wand, sparkly jewels and glass slippers . . .

so its just this . . . and its still wet!

but not to worry, I am going to sip champagne, dance under the stars in my bare feet (without Babes as he thinks I have gone mad!) leaving a cloud of silver glitter gently falling behind me . . .

Thank you Elizabeth for hosting this most auspicious occassion xo

Tuesday 25 September 2007

Romantic Country Party

It's a party!!!!

I love parties, why don't you step through my front door and join me . . .

in a little party celebration . . .
here's to Karla for hosting this wonderful event . . .

once you have had a little toast to Karla, come wander with me into my Grown Up room where you will see some of my favorite romantic pretties . . .

  • my rich tasseled portiere's (got that word from Gone with the Wind!) and matching tassel lamp
  • bird cages
  • one of my many collections of cherubs
  • and my Great Nana's chippy oak dressing table

and through to the main living area's where you can see . . .

  • a pretty corner shelf in my kitchen (thanks again Barb for the linen!)
  • a little white bureau in a corner of the dining room for special pretties
  • and a corner unit in the living that Babe's grandad made us for a wedding gift.

Up the stairs we go, to my very favourite rooms, our bedroom and my ensuite which I have all to myself as Babe's uses the main bathroom. Here is . . .
  • my dressing table with lots of treasured memento's
  • I love my bed and raggedy, taggedy eiderdown
  • and two corners of my pretty girly bathroom.

Across the landing is The Princess who has some pretty corners in her room like . . .

  • her china cabinet with all her special treasures
  • and this hand painted teddy basket that was full of beautiful baby gifts from Nana when we brought The Baby Princess home. It looked gorgeous whizzing around the airport luggage carousal with a big pink bow tied on it!

Do you know that as we have been wandering through my home I have noticed I have quite a few different collections like . . .

pretty mirrors

  • cherubs (actually I did know that one!)
  • pictures of roses (goes with out saying!)
  • greeting card boxes (there are another two on my dressing table)

and cushions!

Do you see the white cushion on my bed? Well that's our wedding ring cushion my Mum did for us in candlewick embroidery.

Come outside and have a look, I love bird baths and garden statues and pretty coloured enamel tea pots.

Let's sneak back into The Princess's room, ssssshhhh . . .

I love my home and all my pretty things but it wouldn't be a Romantic Home without Babes and
The Princess!

Monday 24 September 2007

Sunday at the Beach, Craftiness, Ribbons & Lace and Carpet

Yesterday (Sunday), Babes and I decided to take The Princess to the beach. She was sooooooo excited, spent ages packing bags (four) with bucket and spade, bathers, towel, change of costume, her doll Melanie, Blankie and Pillow and off we went.

We went to Maraetai (Maori translation is meeting place by the sea) which is only a 15 minute drive from our home. The Princess fell asleep on the way. By the time we got there it had started raining and for the entire two hours we were out the rain got heavier and heavier!

But not to worry, you can still eat ice cream cones in the rain. The Princess had a scoop and half of Strawberry on the bottom (because its pink!) and Gold Rush on the top. Daddy and I had Gold Rush, yummy, yummy, yellow creamy flavoured ice cream with huge chocolate, crunch filled balls spread through it. Just what a girl in my detox, health kick, condition needed!!!!

Creativity is running high in our home at the moment. The Princess and Nana made felt yesterday.

And the day before, Nana had given The Princess some craft goodies to play with and to our astonishment she made this butterfly all by herself and didn't let on until she had finished it! I was so proud, I mean she is only four years old.

Mum and I have finished the paper doll dresses for our mini swap with Karen and Catiean and also the Paper Doll Dress Swap I kindly signed us up for! We are also working on our Artful Christmas swap goodies.
I have been doing a little light shopping on Trade Me. Look what came the other day. Lovely vintage music magazine and all these fabulous vintage ribbons and laces.

Among some of my addictions/fetishes is vintage carpet. It is my personal belief a girl can never have too much vintage carpet. I like to buy it in house lots. Babes and I then cut it up resell what I don't keep for my personal collection. Trouble is I hate reselling it! Would much rather keep it, but we do make good money from it.
I have just lost out on this, I was prepared to pay up to $120 for it. I had to place my bid and then walk away from the computer otherwise I would have kept on bidding. It has just sold for $138. But that's OK because it was only two rooms and I normally buy better than that!

All is not lost because I have this in my sights!!! So much prettier anyway!

Off now to do a little more foofing for Karla's Romantic Country Party tomorrow. Trouble is I am a vintage shop owner and when I originally opened the first shop last November, I used mostly pretties from my home as start up stock! But I do have some pretty corners left for my favourite, never part with, treasures.
See you tomorrow at Karla's!

Saturday 22 September 2007

September Give Away

There are a few days left in September so still a chance to enter my September Give Away draw to celebrate the opening of my new shop. Just leave a comment on one of my recent postings.
The Give Away will be this Tussy Mussy filled with rose themed goodies and a few other bits and pieces I have put aside - all rosey themed - of course!

Wednesday 19 September 2007

The Shop . . . is open . . .come on in . . .

It took a bit of doing but I am finally and officially open and it is GORGEOUS!!!

Come on in and have a look.

This mantle piece is what you see when you first enter the shop.

To the right is part of the window display

And standing from the door looking through the shop . . .

Everywhere you look are little displays, look at these gorgeous paper doll dresses Mum made in a black Victorian theme.

To the left of the entrance way is the 'baby department'. The green linen press is filled with beautiful baby knits, linens new and old, towels, bibs etc.

Looking further up is the main Linen Press overflowing with vintage linens and pretty smelling things!

Here is the counter area, I still have things to put up to pretty it some more!

Everywhere you look are little nooks and crannies, this is the 'sofa alcove'.

And the shelf beside it loaded with cut class, china and Scullys Rose range which is made here in New Zealand.

Here's a stocking I made using new and old fabrics. Below it is a green stool Mum painted and stencilled.

Another display of pretty china.

A corner of the kitchen.

There is a separate little room we have called 'The Blue Room'.

The blue room looking through to the main shop area

The Blue Room from the doorway into it.

Another little alcove.

The door leading to the toilet . . .

which has to be the prettiest toilet ever (thanks Mum!)

The shop opening party was a rip roaring success, lots of people and lots of sales!

Mel (who works with me in the shop) and I were kept busy wrapping.

It was thirsty work! I am wearing the little pink vintage number I showed in a few postings back. I didn't have time to wash it so I smelt authentically vintage, moth balls and all!

Here is Mum in her party clothes!

And Mum and I at the counter looking at the lovely plants, flowers and cards brought in by family, friends and customers as shop warming gifts.

This is my friend Gail who came up to help. She lives in Hamilton, a city down the road from Auckland.

The Princess had guesta's to play with. Here she is on the left hiding from the camera, beside her is Anna and Sarah, my friend Nancy's daughters and Kylie and Jamie, Gail's daughters.

It was a hard day for some people. Particularly Babes, who was worn out from his child minding chores, he had been looking after The Princess, Kylie and Jamie for over 24 hours.

Heartfelt thanks to my Mum, without her I would have never made it.
Mel who I also couldn't have a shop without.
Ann who is a friend of Melanie who brought us coffee and cake to keep us going on the Friday night before opening. Actually might have been to sober us up!
Gail, who is merchandiser extraordinaire and who has been with me for each shop opening.
Babes for supporting all that I do and taking care of The Princess when I am on a mission.
All you wonderful ladies in blogland who inspire me so much.
And The Princess, who is the light in my life!

That's the end of my Oscar Acceptance Speech!!!!
Oh and to Natasha who gave me a lesson on photo placement!