Saturday 21 November 2009

Where I'm at.....


long boring post coming

Here's where I currently am at:

House - For Sale sign being made as we speak, last minute foofing and fluffing this weekend and then listing it on Trade Me
University Application - Am at last stage of process, an interview this coming Monday. Part of it is having to sit a 15 minute math test on Algebra, Fractions and some other stuff. Maths was my weak point!
12 Days of Christmas Craft Swap - lets just say my Mum who is hosting it is not happy with my progress but trust me it will come together nicely!
Christmas - heaps of time!
Health - The Princess has had an ear infection for 2 weeks, I have had bronchitis for 2 weeks and our medication isn't kicking it in the butt quick enough
Family - Was the 1st year anniversary of my stepfather's passing this week. Mum, Princess and I got together at my brothers (where we had the funeral) and conducted our own family memorial. It was nice.
Relationships - Babes and I are best friends, hard to believe isn't it! Think I have a very big heart. My new friend, who is not so new anymore, and I are still seeing each other - still casually. Its all very interesting.

Lots of social events also,

The Princess entertaining her Great Grandmother

whose birthday it was on 5 November, the grandmother that is. I forgot to buy her a present, which was hilarious given that I hosted her birthday dinner!!!

I made my signature dish, Meatballs Romanoff, spectacular served on a huge platter as I did here and so very tasty! We had salad and crusty bread with it accompanied by lashings of red wine!

The Princess has been on the party circuit, birthday after birthday. I go with her and stay because I love party food, lolly cake, little red sausages..... yum!!!

Anyway, whats a single improvised Mummy to do when you have to buy gift after gift for little girls. You make it, that's what!

Here's the painting station set up for the Princess and I last Friday.

She painted this (proud Mama here!)

and I made her little friend this....

but didn't stop there, started a production line and so we also have this.....

and this.....

and this......

oh and I bought the birthday girl a cheap t-shirt and appliqued the butterflies onto it.

Last 3 washing line pictures will be for sale on Trade Me in the next couple of days.

Before I leave you, here's a wee tip, do not feed your Maiden Hair fern with blackcurrant juice, the juice goes off in the pot and the fern turns its toes up!!!

Take Care