Tuesday 30 November 2010

Eclectic Reading!

I am an avid reader and always have a book on the go.  Much of my reading this year has been "have to read" text books and papers for my university degree.

It is so nice to be able to read again just for pleasure and not feel guilty that I am doing so!

As I was cleaning my castle today I noticed with amusement my two distinctively different piles of reading matter...

This is the pile on my bedside table, these are my dip into books, topics I am interested in, interests that have changed somewhat, last year you would have seen a pile of craft books here!  As you can see most relate to teaching apart from 'Loving Mr Spock' which is a fascinating account of loving an Aspergers male and of course The Secret, thank you Universe!
And then on the coffee table in my living room are my library books, a common theme running with them, see the little gun on the side, they are all murder mysteries!  There are some really good ideas there - haha!

And of course I do a lot of online reading, blogs, articles that interest me, Facebook etc!

The Princess is an avid reader as well, I have got her into Enid Blyton and she is plowing her way through anything we can find!

Oh, and exciting news, I am winding up my website as I have done nothing to promote it for the last year but have resurrected my Etsy store go have a look!!! Go on!!!

Take Care

Monday 29 November 2010

Work in Progress!

That Room is coming together, it's got a long way to go but you can at least get in there now and I have a bed set up and my sewing table is accessible!

I have just shoved stuff onto this book shelf for the moment, however it is going to hold all my fabrics and craft supplies soon, eventually, one day...

Last week was so busy, a school trip with the Princess, then her athletics day, she represented her school in sprints and came third in each of her races. I was so proud of her as she was the youngest child competing.

I have got this massive to do list which I have been plowing my way through, it starts to look good and then I add to it! Ugh!

Have got 3 results in from this semester at University and have passed with really good marks. Quite an achievement as I had some fairly big stuff to deal with in my private life!

Over the last two weeks I have been feeling very sad and down as I have parted company from the man, Cartoonist that I had been seeing for past 15 months. Very sad as we had a lot in common, interests and future plans and got along very well but unfortunatelyy it was not to be.

So what becomes of the broken hearted, they move on!!! :)

take care

Thursday 25 November 2010

As a country we mourn...

The church bell rang 29 times so we knew it was final and the end of the line. Now 29 miners are at heavens gate, with coal silt dirty faces asking is it too late? When god replies with half a grin, no my children come on in. They placed their mining lights gently on heavens floor when god said "job well done, leave your boots at the door."
 Repost in memory of the 29 miners that died at Pike River Mine, Greymouth, New Zealand ♥

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Pike River

Heart felt sympathy and prayers for the trapped miners and their families involved in the horrific Pike River mine disaster in the South Island of 
New Zealand.

6.07pm Update
A second explosion this afternoon leaves little hope for the 29 miners to have survived.

Prayers and blessings to the families for this devastating news.

Monday 22 November 2010

Itchy twitchy fingers...

do your fingers feel all twitchy when you are inspired to create?

Mine do, its been a long while coming though!

I am so enjoying catching up on blogs and have only just visited my friend LiLi M. who just so happened to post this amazing garland she created, it gave me the itchy twitchy finger urge to start creating again...

I have probably committed some kind of blog sin by stealing LiLi M.'s bird garland picture, best I hop back over to her blog and confess!

Best I actually deal to that room so that I can find my supplies so that I can create!!!

So much procrastination makes for so little time...

Its after 5pm, I might pour a wine and ponder that one...

take care

Saturday 20 November 2010

Around the castle

A little castle randomness for you...

In my entrance hall is 'Bless this Home', I cross stitched it about 15 years ago. I think I need to paint the frame... add that to my long to do list!

and also in the entrance hall is this unit. I have used colour here as it is window-less and quite dark.  The glass vases belonged to my Granny and I found the chippy blue stool underneath the castle!

The kitchen is very quaint, lots of built in open shelved units, I keep my herbs, spices and seasonings in the drawers, it works really well as I don't have a pantry. The kitchen scales also belonged to my Granny!

I finally got around to decorating my newly cleaned sunbathing veranda which is off my bedroom with pots and ornaments. I'm on the look out for a little table set to go out here as I use it a lot in the late afternoon for reading, writing, studying and sunbathing and having a glass of wine!

Have you noticed now that I am not studying how regular I am posting. I am such a good blogger when I am in denial... denial about that room!!!!

Take Care

Friday 19 November 2010

The last of my ladies....

they have a Grecian look to them...

this one came from an Op Shop (thrift shop)

and this divine creature was another Trade Me bargain...

and of course the picture in my blog banner which is worth a substantial amount of money for a print but to me is priceless!!!

So anyway, about that room...it still looks the same... the week has just gone, but I do have a very clean kitchen floor and sparkling windows...

I might need some help with that room... MUMMY!!!!

take care

Thursday 18 November 2010


I bought Chloe for something ridiculous like $10 off Trade Me, she was an absolute bargain as I have seen her again on there selling for over $100.

She's a bit of a conversation piece, I first hung her over my dining table, as you would, much to the consternation of my Father in Law who felt she was more suited to.... a bedroom! haha!

Also the Wasband's granddad who blue tacked leaves to her 'privates' one Christmas Day, to protect her modesty!!!

Eventually I did retire Chloe to the bedroom, this was after I kicked the Wasband to the curb and turned the bedroom into a more dreamy like space!!!

And where is Chloe residing now, well on a living room wall, a prominent living room wall in the castle! Hah!!!

I do love a good conversation piece!!!

take care

Wednesday 17 November 2010

It's funny how easy it is to forget...

just what you own when you have so much crap...

such as this trio of sexy sultry looking ladies who now hang over my bed,

I had completely forgotten about them until I had to move the rest of my crap from the house Wasband and I sold.

When I look around this castle I seem to have amassed quite a collection of lovely ladies, will show you more in my next blog post!

I had full intentions of dealing to that room yesterday but it was such a beautiful sunny day I ended up sunbathing on my front veranda while reading a book!
My lovely day was completed by a visit from a friend bearing a bottle of delicious red wine!

I woke up this morning feeling completely energised so am off to scrub my kitchen floor and wash my outside windows... and look at that room...AGAIN....

take care

Tuesday 16 November 2010

My Dirty Little Secret...

Do you remember my garage?

Because I am shameless and have no pride I used to quite happily blog about it...

at one point it looked like this...

well the Wasband and I finally sold the house so I had to move what was left in the garage to my castle, so now this is what you see when you open the door to my guestroom/studio...

and now that I have finished university for the year and have three blissful months without study and exams I am going to turn it into a pretty room for castle guests and an inspiring place for me to create in! It's true I am... just you watch this space!

Also over my long and lovely summer break I am going to spend lots of quality time with my beautiful Princess and become her fun Mummy again rather than her grumpy to busy study Mummy!

Loving my lovely life....

take care

Friday 12 November 2010

Great artwork from kids in Texas!!!


Last exam today and then FREEDOM until late February!

take care

Monday 8 November 2010

Exams, Exams, Exams

Three exams this week:
  • Language and Literacy
  • History of Education in New Zealand
  • Maori

lots and lots of last minute cramming...

and then my university year is DONE

and my life will begin!

Back soon:)

take care

Monday 1 November 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween bloggers!!!

take care

p.s. will be back after my exams on November 12 for a nice big catch up! I have soooooo much to share!