Advertising Opportunities


Blogging has changed since I first started, it has become a viable income source for many and a viable vehicle to promote products and services for others. My aim is to do both, promote my own products and the products and services of other bloggers and companies big and small whose aesthetics and values of excellence compliment the Roseroomnz.

Product Reviews

I am open to reviewing products and styling items that fit with the aesthetics and values of the Roseroomnz. This may include clothing and accessories, health, beauty and fitness products or programmes, household goods, and other products on a case by case basis. Reviews will openly state, "this a product review - although the opinions are my own", shared with a "courtesy of" disclaimer and always linked to the product or service site.


I am happy to host product and service giveaways if they are in line with the aesthetic and values of the Roseroomnz.

Affiliate Programs

The Roseroomnz always discloses any involvement with affiliate programs to readers. Affiliate programs running would be shown in the sidebar and I would receive a small commission made from reader clicks on the sidebar link that result in a purchase being made. I am not currently involved in any affiliate programmes.

If you feel we are a good match for promoting your products or services please email me at

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