Tuesday 16 October 2018

Leaders in Heels

Leaders in Heels
If you know me, you will know that I love planning and lists, so much that I blogged about it back here.

Part of the pleasure in the planning and list making process is, of course, having the just right diary, planner, journal or notebook to inspire the process. The just right book is such a personal thing and something I often agonise over at the end of each year, sometimes visiting several stores in my quest to find that just right book.

I recently spent a great deal of time online looking for an organisational system that would suit the many facets of my day to day life that when I came across Leaders in Heels.

It goes without saying that I was immediately attracted to the whole prettiness of the Leaders in Heels website and felt that Kasia, the owner of the site spoke to me directly through the motivational and empowering messages on the site. I really, really liked the layout of the planners, journals and notebooks, the different schemes available and that you can have your books monogrammed! That's right MONOGRAMMED, just like your towels and bed linens!
Phenomenal Woman Planner

I bookmarked the website, subscribed to the mailing list and started following Leaders in Heels on Instagram. Kasia posts the best motivational messages for women and uses the best graphics!

You couldn't possibly imagine my excitement, well maybe you could, when I found out that Kasia was developing an affiliate partnership programme just as I was ready to launch my online shop! I applied to become an affiliate and lucky, lucky me, my application was accepted.

Make Your Mark set

I'm really looking forward to using the Make Your Mark set, monogrammed of course darling!

Thanks for reading!