Tuesday 28 June 2011



I blogged here about my apartment flooding disaster,


today the builder came to replace the kitchen ceiling and left me with this!

you can see the peeling original ceiling through the battens.

Thankfully they are coming back tomorrow to put the new ceiling in, I am not so keen on this gaping hole, it's very cold and what if furry things decide to pay a visit!

I did brave standing on a stool to have a better look, the original walls were matchstick, gorgeous! And look at that part of the original ceiling, pressed tin I am thinking! And am wondering if I could get up there and prise it off...hmmmmm...

Maybe not, am off to Australia tomorrow, must not get sidetracked!

Take Care

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Monday 27 June 2011

Hair today...

Think I will get a hair cut, I like this length.

The photo was only taken in May, I think I was trying my new Revlon colourstay eyeliner... or maybe my hair colour was colour stay... I can't remember - haha!

Or had I come home from a Physical Education class at university? Amazing what exercise does! I must try it again sometime! 

But anyway, my hair is way longer now, in such a short time....

Today has been lovely, because even though we are HERE when we are meant to be THERE, I was able to catch up on lots of laundry and ironing and hang out with the Princess.

Instead of lesson planning for school the next day or studying for exams!

Bliss instead of Stress!

Take Care

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Saturday 25 June 2011

Not meant to be...


The Princess and I should be on a plane right now bound for Australia to hang out with my big, younger brother, my fabulous sis in law and these gorgeous little people!

Phill, Nik, Fergus, Baby Macklen, Georgia Mary

Because of the Chilean volcanic ash our flight was cancelled...

until Wednesday,
fingers and toes crossed!

Take Care

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Friday 24 June 2011


shopping therapy is a wonderful thing!

A little trip recently resulted in...

well it resulted in lots of things...

Sorry about the crap photo's...

anyway, the therapy resulted in:
1 Paisley Skirt
1 Black pants
1 Black ankle boots
3 cardigans - green, brown, black
1 leopard print bodysuit
1 leopard print leggings
1 black lacy tights
1 leopard print sunglasses
2 scarves
4 headbands (1 leopard print!)
3 bra and panty sets (unshown cos who airs their knickers in public!)

all mixy matchy!


Take Care

Rachael xo

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Thursday 23 June 2011

Tane Mahuta and Far North

My Mum, the Princess and I recently had a weekend away in the Far North of the North Island. We stayed with my Mum's 'friend' who took us sightseeing each day.

First day in the pouring rain was to this majestic place...

Tane Mahuta, a 1000 year old Kauri tree, magnificent, he towered way over us and was home to many other forms of plant life. Mum and I both had chills run through us when we walked into the clearing where he stood.

The four of us at the base of Tane Mahuta.

The pretty Princess!

I know there is a name for this tree growth but can't remember. It reminded me of a shabby chic pedestal table!

This is Opo the dolphin who in the 50's let NZ children ride his back. The child on his back was modeled from one of Mum's partner's brothers.

Hemi's family have their own church and cemetery. The church has been fully restored and services are held every second Sunday. So beautiful!

Grave stones hidden in the trees.

Another day trip was to Pihia in the beautiful Bay of Islands. We had lunch at a cafe where the Princess befriended this Pukeko! I was not impressed at its close proximity, I have a bird phobia!

We visited Waitangi where a Treaty was signed between Maori and the white settlers which was the basis of the nation we have today, but sadly was not always honoured,  and  resulted in unrest and controversy in our nation that is still ongoing.

My top model!

with attitude!

My work here is done!  Or should I say my procrastination here is done! Back to my study for big icky exam tomorrow.

Am flying to Australia on Saturday... maybe... if the skies clear from Chilean volcano ash and our airports reopen! Fingers and toes crossed!

Take Care

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Wednesday 22 June 2011

Feet Forward...

Thanks Mummy for my animal print feet from Singapore!

Feet forward!

Take care

Saturday 18 June 2011

My girls

I finished a five week practicum yesterday in a private school here in Auckland teaching a year 8 class of 12 and 13 year old girls.  Practicum can be really stressful, not only are you learning but you are being observed all the time and also have a university lecturer come and observe you which is like your practical experience exam. On top of that you also have piles of paper work the university expect you to do, along with lesson planning for your teaching.

The rewards are immense though, not just in terms of your own development but also from the relationships you build with your students. One morning I was given this cupcake for my morning tea, decorated by one of the girls.

On my second last day the girls put on a surprise morning tea for me, one of them made me a 'guest of honor' hat to wear!

And another girl baked me a banana cake because she knew it was my favourite cake.

Yesterday they completely overwhelmed me with this beautiful bouquet of red flowers, red because they had asked me earlier in the week what my favourite colour was. They made me a card, decorated with animal print as they knew I loved animal print (I wore something almost everyday that had animal print)! They are so thoughtful!

A couple of the girls gave me cards just from them.

Needless to say I am going to miss my girls very much!

Take Care
Rachael xo

Sunday 12 June 2011

Struck a chord...

"We are like sculptors, constantly carving out of others the image we long for, need, love or desire, often against reality, against their benefit, and always, in the end, a disappointment, because it does not fit them."
Anais Nin