Sunday 12 April 2015


I love Easter and when the Princess was a little girl I treated it like Christmas Day, a day where friends and family would come to celebrate.  We did Easter Egg hunts and I would cook a huge midday meal.

For some reason I let Easter traditions go when my marriage to the Wasband ended.  That makes me sad.

Obscene amount of eggs and goodies from teachers and my class!
The Princess was away with the Wasband this Easter,  I think she was last Easter too.  The Cowboy, his son and my twin nephews (visiting from Rarotonga) headed north on Saturday to spend a night with the Cowboy's Mum and Dad.

They have a beautiful property on the hills of Waipu.  The Cowboy, twins and I went for a walk down hill to a pond which is home to tortoises and eels.  In my excitement at the prospect of seeing the tortoises I didn't stop to consider what I was wearing, a maxi hippy dress and Havianas, entirely inappropriate for walking down hilly farmland covered in baby gorse and sheep poop, not to mention the steep banks down to the pond.  And all for nothing, not a tortoise to be seen!

The Cowboy treated us out for a beautiful dinner that night.  I wish I had taken a photo of my meal which was a vegetarian dish of roasted asparagus, mushrooms and gnocchi. It was divine, as was the red wine I washed it down with!

Early Easter Sunday morning the Cowboy got up while the boys were sleeping and put their Easter Eggs beside their beds to wake up to.  Cute!

We went for a drive to Piroa Falls.  A stunning waterfall that I need to go back to in non holiday time when hopefully there won't be crowds of people and kids jumping from crazy heights into the pool at the bottom of the falls, which made me feel physically ill with fear that a jump might go horribly wrong.
Piroa Falls
We had a late midday meal of roast lamb and all the trimmings before the Cowboy and I parted ways. He driving back to Auckland with his son and me driving further north to Rawene with my nephews.

We stopped in Kaikohe and picked up KFC for my Poppa's Easter Sunday dinner.  He loves it! We arrived at Rawene to the dining table laid out with eggs and Easter envelopes made by Poppa for the grandkids.  He's pretty cute too!

Easter at Rawene
 It was a nice Easter, spent with family as it should be.  Just not my traditional Easter.  Next year...

Rachael xo