Monday 26 November 2007

Vintage Treasures, Baby Cards and Crafting

First of all thanks so much to Natasha for hosting the Virtual Vintage Prom. It was so much fun!!! As you can tell, I got a little carried away with it! I think its because we don't have Prom's on this side of the world, school balls and dances etc but not a Prom. When I went to school, back in the vintage era, school balls weren't much of a big deal. Nowadays they are more like a Prom so I will be able to indulge again when my Princess is a high school student!

Thanks to everyone who dropped by during the Prom and left a comment. I tried to visit each of you and all the other Prom attendees, sorry if I missed anyone out, it wasn't intentional!

I had a few nice thrifting or Trade Me finds recently. I love this wall shelf, I was going to sell it but I just CAN'T. Its a cherub and pink roses and I have the perfect spot for it!

I love this little porcelain shell urn with the sweet little boy blowing his horn. I couldn't resist it because . . .

I already had this little guitar playing fellow! Couldn't believe it when I saw it, didn't know there was a matching one! Maybe there are more?

This is a wall pocket. Its actually much nicer in real life. I washed it and the red on her lips flaked off, must have been nail polish or something. She looks better without the tarty red lips! I don't know how old she is, no makers marks, the roses on her hat and braids look old and she is lightly crazed. Bit like me really! I really like her but am going to sell her as she doesn't go with the decor and I think Babes might draw the line with having her on a wall!

Also found this cute little basket with a raised angel on both sides. I might keep this . . .

This planter is really nice with the yellow roses. For sale though. Its currently filled with bags of pink lace, about 50 meters all up that I snaffled up the other day. A girl can never have too much lace!

I've been watching out for this book on Trade Me and finally it came up so I bought it. Can't wait to read it, saving it for the Christmas Holidays when we go to the beach for a couple of weeks. Crazy eh, most of you are in the grips of winter and showing pictures of snow and I am talking beach!

I bought a heap of stuff of a customer recently including this. Isn't it too sweet. Its called "Like a Rose" and is a print but looks like an original water colour. I really want to keep it but don't know where to put it.

I dug this scrapbook out, check out the wall paper. Circa 1964 or earlier. How do I know, cos its the year I was born, as written by Mum and its full of my baby cards.

They are just precious, I am going to reproduce them.

And I did actually achieve something while frittering away precious time at the Prom. I have stitched up all Christmas stockings, they just need their hand sewn embellishments added. This one is made from a vintage chenille bedspread and lined with a vintage pillowcase.

I have also been hand stitching these hearts made from vintage wool blankets and filled with lavender. I find them really relaxing to make, must be the lavender!

Anyway, better go, am cleaning my house which looks like a tip!

Thursday 22 November 2007

The Morning After - The Prom

A trail of discarded personal items . . .



prom gown

a pair of men's shoes.

which luckily are not under my bed!

Oh dear . . .

I need water, maybe more than two bottles . . .

that's more like it, I've got a raging thirst

a little something for my poor giddy head,

a pick me up
and a foot spa to soothe my poor aching danced off their feet, feet.

All before I can possibly get on my flight

to take me back to my real life, where I have plenty to do, especially now that I have idled away two days at The Prom!!!!!!

But it was a blast while it lasted!

Wednesday 21 November 2007

I'm Having A Ball at The Prom

This is so much fun, Jon, my date (as in Bon Jovi) and I are dancing up a storm, I love the way this dress moves,

argghhhh, what's that, who's dog is this???? It just ripped my dress, bad puppy let go . . . its Miss Cinnamon, Miss Cinnamon go eat your Mummy's dress!

Look at those young ones over there in their pretty dresses with their chaperone, why its Miss Olivia Rose and Miss Lily, chaperoned by Olive Claire, how sweet . . .

Jon, Jon, excuse me, your with me, get your eyes off her . . . . I don't care if she's pretty, got a great dress, can do the twist and is your second best fan, I'm your first best fan and Jon you ARE with me, what, she's the Prom Hostess, well why didn't you say so!

Hmmmmm, she looks like a Southern Belle, Jon, JON, Jonny BE GOOD!

Well hi there Brad, no hard feelings about not being my date, its cos your only the 4th sexiest man in the world for 2007, sure I'll have a dance, see ya Jon, Jon?

whoops, there's Brad's date Angie, sorry Angie just borrowing your man!

phew is it hot in here, no not Brad, the air!!!

I'm off out for a drink . . .

and a little spin around the block in my limo, anyone for a ride, Jon, Brad, gurrls . . .

Tuesday 20 November 2007

I'm on My Way to The Prom!

Kevin Paves, stylist to the stars - and me - flew in to do my 'do'. He wanted to do fancy twists and tucks and things but I said "look mate, I'm just a simple girl from down under" and showed him a photo of my wedding day French Pleat, which looks . . .

just like this (Babe's and I on our Wedding Day) Actually Kevin is a bit of a babe, if my date doesn't turn up I'll take him!

While I was having the 'do' I was slugging back these short black coffee's (I had a little too much Krug)

and guzzling this breath freshener to hide the smell of the Krug!

The beautician came to my room to touch up my make up, earlier in the day I had turned down this in favour of my natural beauty!

The couture designers sent gowns over all afternoon, but being true to myself I am sticking with the gown I shipped over in my antique Louis Vuitton trunk. I'm wearing this, its a 1976 dress wedding dress designed by the then famous Auckland designer Colin Cole. Gorgeous with shoe string shoulder straps, pin tuck pleated bodice and finely pleated full length chiffon skirt. (when I'm done, you can buy it from my shop for $180NZD!)

I was going to wear this vintage bling with it but changed my mind

in favour of this chunky pink pearl necklace.

These are the shoes I had put aside to wear, but alas I sold them last week, for $10!

So found these darling pale pink vintage numbers.

Gotta love my bag, it matches my dress perfectly, fine pleated chiffon and big roses with sequin sparkles. Also from my shop, new at $110NZD. Nothing like a bit of shameless plugging! But wait, there's more . . .

My faux fur stole, its got sparkley bits through it. $30NZD from my shop.

I'd better hurry, I have been advised by reception that my date has arrived! A quick touch up with my Dior lip gloss,

a spray of my Vera Wang perfume, Princess of course!

Babes is unable to be my date as he is away in Taupo on business. But never mind cos this guy here asked me to be his date . . .

But I had to turn him down as this guy here had already asked me and I had accepted!
I'll be good Babes, I promise . . .

Oh my goodness, he ordered a PINK limousine for us to ride in!!! I'm in love . . .

with the limousine!

I thought The Prom was being held here, in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles, after all it would be a suitable venue for a girl of my class and social standing!

but its not, its being held here . . .

which is most suited to a girl of my class and social standing! Go check it out, great music, great company and lots of fun!

See you there - xo