Wednesday 12 December 2007

What I love about my holiday home

I love Christmas, its always been a special celebration in our family. It goes back to my English Granny who influenced the way we celebrate Christmas, we don't always, but most years we have a very traditional English Christmas with Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Trifle etc even though it is summer here!

This traditional English influence is also reflected in the way our home is decorated for the holiday season.

So welcome to our family Christmas home way down in little old New Zealand!

Come on in, through the front door displaying my new wreath which you have already seen.

Here we are in the grown up room and hanging on the inside of the front door is a Christmas bell The Princess made at Pre-School.

Our Christmas tree is decorated in a conglomeration of decorations and lights, all hung in a random hap hazard fashion. That's because The Princess was heavily involved in the decorating of the tree and that's what its all about.

Our decorations all have some special meaning, many I bought for the first tree Babes and I had ever had together, some belonged to my Granny, some were brought back from China by Babe's Mum, some are made by The Princess and some are made by Mum, and some have come from the side of the road or thrift shops.

Gracing the top of the tree is this beautiful angel, made by The Princess when she was 3 years old at playgroup .

The glass ballerina is a decoration I bought for The Princess this year. Each year I buy her something special. When she is a big grown up girl and leaves home (many years away I hope) I will give her all her decorations.

Over the years my Mum has made a lot of decorations such as this one,

and this one,

and this one.

Under the tree in a wooden high chair made by Babes Grandad sits a musical reindeer and Santa. They were given to The Princess for her first Christmas.

Also two reindeer that I have never got around to painting!

These are letters The Princess stamped and glittered, not sure what its about but she insisted they go under the tree so under the tree they go!

What Christmas tree wouldn't be complete on Christmas Eve without a little something for Santa. Please note the name on the beer, Stella Artois, Babes drinks this brand because of course our Princess's name is . . . Stella.

You can't forget the reindeer!

I now have my Granny's piano which currently has a pin board above it. I am hanging our Christmas cards on the board and special things like the Christmas tree The Princess made.

This year I decorated the hall stand.

This is also in the grown up room which Babes uses as an office. He is oblivious to the lights everywhere!!!!

This bowl is full of mercury glass balls picked up off the side of the road. Its really only in Bloglandia you can say that with so much pride!

My beautiful Christmas stocking by my swap partner Jess. I have just realised that I haven't hung up Babes or The Princess's stocking!

In the kitchen I have this gorgeous red Poinsettia and my Christmas book at the ready. I love this book and most of my Christmas baking comes from recipes out of it.

The dining room table, the cloth is actually French Provincial fabric in a poppy pattern but it looks really festive. Peony Roses that are in full bloom, given to me by my sister in law, GORGEOUS!!!

The Princess has her own little tree in her room. She decorated it all by herself. Some of the decorations she made especially. The candy canes belonged to my Granny.

Its easy to loose sight of the real reason why we celebrate Christmas and the beautiful traditions behind it. Even if we don't go to church throughout the year Mum and I always try to go on Christmas Eve.

Having children in the house at Christmas time is wonderful, it enables you to live the magic of Christmas all over again through the eyes of a child.

I chose Away in a Manager for my Christmas song as it reminds me of my dear Granny and because The Princess sings it in her beautiful sweet and pure voice.

Nothing is more precious than this, when your baby brings home the very first Christmas card she has ever made for her Mummy and Daddy.

Merry Christmas to all of you kind and wonderful people. Our little family wishes you the happiest and safest Christmas.


Thanks Karla for hosting this party. If you havn't already be sure to call by Karla's and visit all the lovely homes she has linked to her blog.


wanderlustandpixiedust said...

All of those lovely creations by your Princess are the best!

12 Days of Christmas Swap said...

Your home looks wonderful, I shall enjoy staying on Christmas Eve and being with the Princess when she opens her presents.
Our Christmas Breakfast will be something so very special.

Alison Gibbs said...

How lovely your decorations are. So special to have the little Princess's Angel on top of the tree.

Brittany said...

Rachel your home looks wonderful! I agree, The Princess makes the best decorations! We too make sure that my children have a new ornament every year! And you're so right! Family is what it's all about! Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Oh Rachael, your home is just perfect! I LOVE that you have all of princesses decor up! That is so special and she will have so many good memories! I just applaud you for having items she made up all over your home. It just makes it so much more special! I love it!


Natasha Burns said...

Love it all and the most special of all is Princess's angel, so sweet!!!

Felicia said...

LOL Oh my gosh! I love that y'all put out a carrot and a bowl of water for the reindeer. What a hoot! And I love all your sweet decorations :)

bluemuf said...

Lovely decor. I just love all the special decorations and of course the crystal ballerina is so lovely. Your little princess will enjoy having a beautiful collection of ornaments in years to come.

Hugs Karen

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael, such a gorgeous post, all those sweet and cherished things Princess made are just adorable! Merry Merry Christmas to your lovely family Rachael from ours :) Jenn and Jacqui xo

Betty said...

I love your home Rachael. If your little angel with his head on his knees goes missing...I took it. He's so cute!

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

So so pretty, and I agree that the children's handmade decorations are the BEST!
Thank you for sharing!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

I honestly don't know what I liked many pretty ornaments, and a heart shaped wreath. The homemade ones by the princess are probably my favorites. Susan

Sugar Bear said...

I love your home and your stories that go with your photos. Giving your daughter an ornament each year is such a special memory. She won't have to worry about buying many when she is on her own someday!

CIELO said...

What a beautiful and cozy home...

Enjoy the Season


Marina Capano said...

Hi!!! thank for your comments in my blog!! I nice to meet you, too!
you have a pretty and great artist too!!!
I love your photos and you decorating! are so cute an amazing!
muchas gracias y feliz navidad desde Argentina!
Thanks very much and happy christmas from Argentina!!!
Marina Capano xo xo

Southern Heart said...

Everything looks have a very personal and welcoming home!

xo, Andrea

Monica said...

I love all the little princesses ornaments and creations!
WE feed the reindeer here too hehe.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful home and happy holidays!

Sandy said...

I love your Christmas memory tree! We have one just like it, all those lovely things your Princess made will be true treasures when she is grown! Merry Christmas! Miss Sandy

Debbie Doughty said...

What lovely traditions are evident in your home! I especially like all the handmade ornaments and the reindeer food :)

Anonymous said...

what prettiest your princess has created! Tradition is a wonderful thing in your family! hope you have a wonderful christmas!

kari and kijsa said...

Love all your Christmas wonderfulness! Such a special angel to top your tree!

kari & kijsa

MarĂ­a Elena said...

I love ornaments handmade.Congratulations to you, your mother and Princess.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

I love all the children's hand made ornaments! So cute and just make a special touch and rekindle memories! Your home looks just wonderful! Thank you for sharing it with us all!
Merry Christmas!
Southern Lady's Vintage

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Hi Rachael,
I love that you have hung on to your family traditions. We too still have a traditional hot lunch on Christmas day no matter how hot the weather is in Australia. Personally, I believe any childs handmade ornament is far more special than any store brought decoration. Children see the magic in Christmas and through them we can all carry the spirit of Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Alexia said...

Your home is so cute and festive- and that tablecloth is to die for!

Thanks for visiting me too, and have a Merry Christmas!

Cape Cod Washashore said...

What a lovely and sweet holiday home you have! I love that you've done so much of your decorating with your daughter's ornaments -- very similar to my tree at home! My daughter has a tree in her room which she decorated, too! And your daughter's angel at the top of the tree is the prettiest decoration I've seen today at this entire blog party!!!

a pink-bee said...

What sweet decorations :) It all looks so lovely, thanks for sharing:) Merry Christmas Wishes :)

Robin said...

Hi Rachael,
Thanks for visiting me today! I love all the little touches your daughter has made to your holiday decorating. I still cherrish my childrens artwork from those days and (mine are 23, 22 and 14!) Those things will always hold a special place in your heart! Merry Christmas from Virginia-USA!

Jeanne said...

I really enjoyed the tour of your holiday home Rachael. I love that the Princess has her hand in all the decorating. You are right, that is what Christmas is all about. I also have given my daughter an ornament each year. Santa must really enjoy visiting your house since you serve cookies and beer instead of milk!

jen duncan said...

What a lot of meaningful decorations you have. I can see a whole lotta love goin on in there!

Nunnie's Attic said...

Everything is so lovely. And not just the decorations. Obviously you have a beautiful home. Thank you for inviting us in to share a peek with you. Merry Christmas!


Barbara Jacksier said...

Thanks for being part of the home tour. I started my morning in The States, visited South America, Australia and now New Zealand. What fun. Love that tablecloth!

Barbara Jacksier said...

Thanks for being part of the home tour. I started my morning in The States, visited South America, Australia and now New Zealand. What fun. Love that tablecloth!

Terri Steffes said...

I love your home! It was fun to see how you are saving items from your little girl!

Lynn said...

Your home looks so nice and cozy :) I love all the fun things your children make, I still have some my daughter made when she was little and get them out every year:)

Merry Christmas

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by!!Princess seems to be an Artist like her mommy! Thanks for sharing the pix.Happy Holidays!

Sandy Claus;O)

Paul-ene said...

I just love the blogland......Now I get to visit with someone from the other side of the world. You have an amazing Holiday home! I am in awe of New Zealand to begin with and it's beauty.

THanks for sharing your holiday home and enjoy the blog party!

Sweet Remembrance said...

Very lovely...
Love all the decorations indeed!
Happy Holidays...

Crafty Mama said...

Thank you for visiting my HOliday Home! It all looks great but I especially love the Christmas card!!

Season's greetings from the Netherlands!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What a sweet home, and precious card your daughter made! Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

IT all looks so wonderful and has such a nice personal touch. I buy my children ornaments each year also, but the ones they made for me are staying withe me! Love all of Stella's creations.

Bethany said...

I just love love love that you used all of your dear little girl's decorations and let her help :) That is the best part when the little ones eyes light up with excitement and pride :)
Merry Christmas to you all~

vickie said...

Love all your special ornaments made by your Princess. Everything looks so pretty.

Pinkie Denise said...

Your decorations are so pretty, thanks for sharing your home with me.
Merry Christmas to you and yours and stop by for tea if you get a chance
Pinkie Denise

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Rachael, I so enjoyed visiting your holiday home. I love your whimsical decorations. Oh, and the Princess is beautiful. Hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas.
--Susan @ Blackberry Creek

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Rachael, I so enjoyed visiting your holiday home. I love your whimsical decorations. Oh, and the Princess is beautiful. Hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas.
--Susan @ Blackberry Creek

cherished*vintage said...

Your holiday home is fantastic! I almost forgot about the reindeer....thanks for the reminder! Merry Christmas!

Reginas Cottage said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog
and leaving a comment.

Rachel your home is very beautiful.
I love all the children's handmade
Happy Holidays

Amy A said...

Wonderful! Love all the handmade items, especially from the princess :)

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

Rachael, your holiday home looks beautiful. I am also planning to give my children all of the ornaments I have collected for them over the years. Merry Christmas! Thanks for visiting mine too!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

I know I am late... but wanted to tell you that I love your holiday home!!

Sandy McTier Designs said...

Hi Rachael,
Thank you so much for visiting my holiday home post!
Your home is beautiful and your decorations fabulous.

have a wonderful Christmas and I hope you'll be back to visit again soon.