Thursday 27 August 2009

What happens when I create . . .

nothing else!!!

here is my dining room table, currently we don't use it for room and no tidy house!!!!

but who cares....... I am having a lovely time.....

with my latest lot of dyed vintage laces, doilies and trims

which I am using to embellish the hand dyed baby vests I am hooked on doing.

My latest creation, pretty blue baby vest, hand embroidered lazy daises and french knots and finish with dyed trim.

Loving it.... for sale on my website

more coming!

Take Care

Monday 24 August 2009

ReVamp continues.....

From no crafting for months to an almost frenzied week long crafting session!!!!

Inspired by Natasha's ReVamp I continued.....

a once white new baby vest hand dyed and embellished with my dyed vintage doilies and hand embroidery.

a plain denim mini skirt.....


and back

To this 'tarted' up confection....


and back

and items of wood unearthed from my garage (some of you will remember that scary place).....

that have now been sanded, undercoated, had one top coat applied and are in that scary garage drying before I apply another top coat....

I tell you ...... I am a machine............

Take Care

p.s clothing for sale on my website

Friday 21 August 2009

The Great ReVamp Reveal

Ta da!!!!

Its done, I'm thrilled.

My anorexic plastic model is not doing it justice, it looks much better in real life, hangs from the shoulders and flares out!

So anyway it started life as a black high neck, long sleeved jersey. I cut it up and zig zagged the edges. Then attached the dyed vintage lace, stitched the pink and purple ribbons on in a haphazard way and then hand embroidered the lazy daisies and hand stitched beads to the centres.

It is for sale in my webstore .

Thanks Natasha for this challenge, it motivated me and got me creating again!

Will be back soon to show you what else I have been doing!

Take Care

Tuesday 18 August 2009

ReVamp It Progress

This is NOT how it is going to end up!!!!!

Progress is being made, I am very excited with how it is looking so far..........

so will keep you 'posted' LOL

Take Care

Friday 14 August 2009

Revamp It!

I am joining Natasha's Revamp It! party today...

which is just what was needed to get my creative mojo back into gear...

so without further ado.......

take one pure wool black jersey, wash it several times in boiling hot water, dry it on hot in the clothes dryer and ta da......

it refuses to felt!!!

not to worry, work with what we have.....

take a pile of vintage doilies

and dye, forgetting to put gloves on so I also have violet coloured hands....

but pleased with the end result

and the white millinery I dropped in at the last minute

and Revamp It .................................

another day...... because that is as far as I have got!!!!

have fun at Natasha's party and thanks to you Natasha for the great idea!!!!

take care

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Gifts from Afar

During the general turmoil of my life over the last few months I have received some lovely gifts from afar.

A while back my Mum went to Armenia for a holiday. I know, who goes to Armenia for a holiday, only my Mum...and her friend!!!

Anyway, she brought me back this set of Russian Dolls.... (I did ask for them!) and....

a pair of woven slippers and heaps of other lovely bits and pieces like earrings and little salt pots that I have forgotten to photograph.

At the same time Mum was in Armenia, my best friend Mary Thistle was touring Europe. She honoured my request for a French house and garden mag. Its absolutely divine and doesn't matter that I barely understand it - lol!!

Also a Moet champagne stopper, actually I asked for that as well!!!

and best of the best, this exquisite set of postcards, be sure to click to enlarge, they truly are incredible. I am going to frame them for my new apartment..... another story there!

Gamma (Babes Mum) who lives in Cairns got busy knitting and sent this jumper she made for me, I am not doing it justice in this photo, it really is lovely and I really am not that square and boxy looking!!! However I am that tired looking!!!

and this one for the Princess along with the hat, she of course looks gorgeous in her photo!!!

Life is just mad right now, my head spins from it all. We are all still stunned from Granddads sudden death, especially poor Amah. I have all sorts of other stuff going on too, some good, some bad but working through it all.

The Princess is doing ok. Her wee world has been rocked badly this year, Granddads death compounding it but overall she is ok so long as she has Mummy, Daddy or Amah firmly in her sight.

Denny, Linley and Patricia if you are reading this I will get in touch soon, I promise.

Thanks to all of you for the beautiful supportive comments regarding Granddads passing and also for the support in general for the Princess and myself.

Back soon

Take Care....