Wednesday 27 June 2012

Do you sometimes feel ...

like doing something, but you can't settle on what it is you want to do ?

that's me right now, sitting at my dining table with the sun on my back thinking of all the things I should be doing and all the things I could be doing and yet... doing none of them!

instead I'm playing on here,

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and checking my sales here,

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and reading this here,

and having my third cup of this here,

yep I should do
making the bed,
washing the dishes,

nah I'll finish my tea first and then re-think it!

Rachael xo

Tuesday 26 June 2012

My Mummy

It was my Mummy's birthday last week and I meant to do this post then as a birthday tribute to her but it kinda got away on me!

Anyway, my Mummy is amazing, she is not very grown up, she makes me laugh like no one else can, you know that crying from laughter, snorting from laughter kind of laughter, when I am sick or broken she will clean my house and do my ironing (if I let her), she has more energy than anyone else I know and she is the most creative talented person I know.

I am lucky to have been the recipient of her talents over the years, for instance one Christmas I got this...
incredible crazy patchwork umbrella!

it's a work of art, lots and lots of tiny embellishments and her beautiful needlework.

The mosaic piece was my gift two Christmas's ago, made from broken china I had saved over the years,

and the needlework wall hanging was a gift some years ago.

Her grandchildren benefit from her creativeness as well, 

handmade felt slippers for the Princess, 

a beautiful felted vest

and a crazy patchwork bag with beautiful hand stitching.

When I grow up I hope to be just as creative as my Mummy!

A happy belated birthday Mummy!

I love you

Rachael xo

Monday 18 June 2012

Something had to give...

and it was blogging!

Life got so busy with university deadlines for horrific assignments and then study for exams!

It's all over now, semester finished, freedom is mine... for a while anyway, until the next semester at least!

May was all about family, breakfasts and dinners and visits from my lovely Aunty Glenis and meeting some of the cowboy's family!

It was also about getting through university assignments, not so easy when strong pain medication messes with my head space!

And making some big hard to make decisions about university that will benefit me in the long run.

This half of June is going to be about tackling my huge to do list:

  • building a website,
  • writing a book,
  • creating with fabric and paint,
  • selling, selling, selling,
  • getting fit,
  • getting my ribs healed,
  • stopping pain medication,
  • fun times with the Princess,
  • fun times with the Cowboy,
  • reading a book for pleasure,
  • cooking new recipes,
  • buying contact lenses,
  • getting my hair cut,
  • and staying warm!
One of the first things on my list is convincing my neighbours this table, which I think is absolutely fabulous,

would look better in my kitchen than their garage,

don't ya think?

Rachael xo