Tuesday 5 May 2009

Cleansing - Part One

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful comments that are being left for me. Honesty I don't know where this strength is coming from except that I know I have to do my very best to minimise the long term impact of this for the Princess. I can tell you its hard!!!

Heather, Natasha, Connie, I really want to slap him, in fact I would like to do much worse!!!

Some of you wondered where the third party was in all this, well the STUPID thing is she lives in town that is approx 530 km from Auckland, a 5 to 6 hour drive. She is a previously married woman with a 7 year old daughter. Says a lot doesn't it!

Anyway, enough of that and them!!!!

I had a great day yesterday, completely changed around the front room (grown up room) that Babes used as an office. It had a big desk and a rather dark looking sofa in it which has now gone - along with him!!!

I washed the walls down, washed the curtains, cleaned the windows, vacuumed the floor and fluffed!!! Also wiped the window frames and door frame with lemon juice and flicked water through the room to dispel negative energies.

It is now light and airy, clutter free and smells divine from the rose oil I have been burning in there.

First photo is what you see when you walk in through the front door,

and then looking slightly to the right,

and then turning right around and looking back to the front of the house.

Do you love my piano? It is very old, it belonged to my Granny.

I am hoping that this week I will be able to spray the cane arm chairs white and sew new covers for the cushions. Also not happy with the piano stool, I can't paint it as my Mum would kill me (it is hers!), maybe I will sew a cover for it.

I am slowly moving through the house, cleaning, decluttering and cleansing as I go.

Went back to work today, it was nice to see my work colleagues again and catch up with everything.

Tomorrow, I have work in the morning, a doctors appointment and then a few hours before the Princess needs to be picked up from school, just enough time to start fluffing in the next room on the list which is my bedroom!

Sleep tight!

Take Care

Monday 4 May 2009

A Weird Weekend

Well that would have to have been one of weirdest weekends of my life!

I helped Babes move all day Saturday, loaded up what he was taking from here and unloaded in the pouring rain carrying furniture up 3 flights of stairs to his apartment.

I helped him place furniture, cleaned a few things, unpacked crockery and get this . . .

I even helped him build the beds and then make them up! So weird, us standing on each side of his bed smoothing sheets down and fluffing up the duvet!!! A bed that in all likelihood I will never sleep in but the third party will!!!

Anyway, I have my reasons for being so obliging!

On the outside I was all calm and happy, for the Princess's sake mostly and on the inside I was falling apart.

I left the Princess to spend the first night in the apartment with her Daddy and I took off to my brothers home for the night where my lovely sister in law cooked a roast dinner and we sat until 1.30am drinking a lot of wine and talking!

She then tucked me in with hot water bottles, cooked poached eggs for breakfast yesterday and I came away feeling like my soul had been soothed somewhat!

Today I am going to go shopping for food and give my house a thorough clean and rearrange furniture to fill in the missing gaps!

I am going to wipe lemon juice around my door and window frames and flick water through all the rooms to cleanse away negative energies.

I'll leave you with a photo of a generous supply goodies I won from the lovely Linda of Many Things to Do!

Have a good day!

Take Care

Friday 1 May 2009

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, once I got my front door open, after locking myself out and having to climb a tall borrowed ladder to break into my very own home I unpacked my spoils from the local Op Shop, this Royal Doulton "the Coppice" dinner set, loads and loads of pieces, 56 in fact.

And look at this gorgeous Shabby Chic print, its so beautiful, would love to keep it but I am going to go for a different decor once Babes moves his stuff out.

The Princess and I went for a long walk around a nearby pond yesterday after school and then stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a late afternoon tea treat.

I was really wound up last night, the diabolical financial situation getting to me, once Babes arrived for his nightly visit and the Princess was asleep, I let rip, hissed and spat etc etc. Stress over boiled!

Today I am a bit weepy again, Babes picked me up and we went and looked at the apartment he is renting and moving into tomorrow.

Its really hard to do, but this separation is very amicable (except when I hiss and spit!), we are both determined and committed to remaining friends for the sake of the Princess.

Tomorrow will be another really hard day as I am helping Babes move into the apartment. Very lucky really isn't he!!!

Don't worry, a lot of the time I want to knock his head off, but am controlling the urges!!!

I'm off to pick up the Princess very soon, go for another walk and tonight we are going to snuggle in and watch NZ's Top Model and Project Runway, the Princess will drink lemonade from a wine glass and me, well . . . I will drink wine . . . from a wine glass!

I am also loading the 'spoils' onto Trade Me tonight.

That's it for me, have a good day

Take Care