Wednesday 4 July 2007

More about Addictions!

See I told you I had an addictive nature, I found another swap to sign up for, this time the Art Doll Hat swap hosted by Malady over at Crafting by Candlelight. It looks like so much fun, I love this blogging and swapping business . . . So inspirational! And this one is just the tip of the ice berg so to speak . . . I have found a few more to sign up for!

Today was another quiet day at the shop so I created this cone thingy for Suzy my 18 year old Korean homestay daughter who moved on to new adventures today. Found the idea on a few of your blogs and then in a scrapbooking magazine I bought recently. Suzy is a real pink girl who loves sparkles and frills so I tried my hand at a bit of mixed media. Its a mixture of card, scrapbook paper, the vintage lace from yesterday, craft roses and rhinestones, glitter, lampshade trim, beaded ribbon etc. The cat with wings is Coco who Suzy adored and would carry around all day like a baby. I was really pleased with my first result if I do say so myself! A bit rough and ready because I was pushed for time. I filled it with some pink goodies from the shop.

Tonight I sat at the top of the stairs (again) and watched Cold Case while the Princess went to sleep. It wasn't so bad as I was sewing lace to a vintage cardigan I am restyling. Will show you that another day!

Babes, that's what the Princess and I call Steve my husband. Very tongue in cheek from me and totally genuine from Stella. Anyway Babes was downstairs watching the final of Lost.

We were sad in our home today because Suzy left, I of course cried and also because our fabulous New Zealand yachting team lost the America's Cup to Alinghi the Swiss team. It was soooooo close. Next time Team NZ, next time.


bluemuf said...

OH!!! The cone is beautiful, great job. I just love the black cat with wings.

I also signed up for the Art Doll Hat swap. As you say they are addictive but, what fun


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Rachael~Your swap partner Amy needs info from you for the bookmark swap. She made you some shabby chic ones too! Let me know please if you are still participating~If not I will swap with Amy.

Angela said...

The cone is so sweet, I am sure Suzy loved it. I have signed up for the Art Doll Hat Swap as well, can't wait to see what everyone makes!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Hi There, Thank you for stopping by my blog!
I love this pink cone....I do need to make one....

Do come visit anytime1
Hugz, Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

Natasha Burns said...

Love your cone Rachael! I was about to comment last night when my computer froze so how funny you visited me today! It reminded me to come back!!!
Oh the swaps, addictive huh?! Really looking forward to the art doll hat swap!!! Enjoy your day, Natasha : )