Wednesday 28 March 2012

I ♥ Amazon

Amazon! seriously they are amazing!

My Cowboy man and I did on-line shopping last Monday night and our shopping arrived at his work on Thursday! 

That's 3 days people, 3 days from America, 'all the way from America...' - Amazon are AMAZing!

My Cowboy man got the Menu wine aerator carafe, if you are a wine buff you need one of these, Here's how it works...

Uncork or unscrew your wine bottle,

fit the carafe to it and turn upside down,

watch the lovely red wine flow down the sides of the carafe,

once emptied turn the carafe upside down pouring the wine back into the bottle,

and when finished pour into glasses and drink!

We did taste tests of before and after aerating and truly it makes quite a difference to the wine, particularly in depth and fullness of flavour! If you love drinking good wine you NEED one of these!

And it is a very elegant looking carafe to serve from!

Look what I got!

Lucky lucky me!

Rachael xo

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Jen said...

very nice