Saturday 17 March 2012

A cake decorator I am not!

nope, I'm not!

However I like to make and decorate the Princess's birthday cake every year because it is done with love.

Here is this years cake...

Plain old buttercake, good old Edmonds  Cookbook icing and ready made icing in tubes for decorating and Smarties for embellishment and yumminess!

I had to make the icing twice, couldn't understand why it tasted so salty, I added a cup of baking powder instead of icing sugar! Lucky I taste tested before I iced the cake! lol

Have a good day!

Rachael xo


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ... you should have called me and I would have helped :-)

I'm sure it was delicious :-)


Jen said...

pleased you tasted the icing!! :)

it does look pretty :)

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Lovely! The hat shape is such a cute idea.

Looks yummy to me...

One year I over did it on salt in my chocolate chip cookies. Thought it read tablespoon instead of teaspoon!

Now I wear my glasses whenever I cook!

Monica said...

It's so lovely, I like it :)