Monday 5 March 2012

Gin Wigmore - The Winery Tour

Oh My... Click Here

my man and I went to a concert yesterday afternoon/night at the Villa Maria Vineyard,
we sat on a picnic blanket on the grass,

photo taken man (not my back view - thanks ;-))
in the hot afternoon SUN - I know a miracle for us in NZ right now,
and snuggled under the stars and the chilly night air,

photo taken man 
we drunk red wine, ate fresh snapper burgers and hot fries,
while listening to talented New Zealand music artists,

photo taken man 
Annah Mac, Avalance City, The Muttonbirds and....

the truly amazing Gin Wigmore,

photo stolen from Gin's website
finishing the evening off with a mad sprint through Auckland city to catch a bus home!


Rachael xo

p.s. if you like Amy Winehouse and Macy Gray you will LOVE Gin Wigmore!

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