Tuesday 27 March 2012

Dinner at the Castle

I did dinner for family and friends Saturday night just gone!

Was fun and a unique combination of people, Me and my Cowboy man, my Wasband and his partner, Mum and her partner, my sister in law Lysia  and my university friend Jenna, plus the Princess, my twin nephews and Jenna's adorable little girl.

I wanted to dress my newish dining room table all nice but don't have enough things to do matchy matchy so put my creativity to the test, it turned out rather well I thought,

even if my Cowboy man and my Wasband said it looked very ...'green' men, what do they know!

I bought the dining room suite about 4 months ago, very, very different for me as it is brand spanking NEW! That's right NEW as in NEW, not as in vintage! Amazing I know! And I love it, smurf it, and it inspires me to entertain because I can fit 8 people comfortably around it.

I set it for dinner using my vintage unmatchy matchy cake plate collection and a mix of new and vintage napkins which I tied brown wrapping paper around in lieu of napkin rings!

My centre piece was geraniums in terracotta pots, a vintage flower trough filled with tea-light candles and taper candles, all surrounded by piles of lush green foliage from the tree to the side of the castles front door. I think it looks stunning and so did my Mummy!

photo credit & recipe from Lake Lure Cottage
The actual meal was a breeze, Mum brought nibbles and I did Teriyaki Chicken in the slow cooker, recipe came from here and is seriously yum. Served simply with white rice, a leafy green salad (Lysia), breads (Wasband). Jenna did dessert, the most divine mini cheesecakes which I should have photographed and didn't!

Was a fun, fun night!

Rachael xo

p.s my Cowboy man took the table photo's - he's good!

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Jen said...

very nice :)

yummy!! I LOVE my slow cooker too
makes cooking so easy and fills ones nice with yummy smells :)

good on you :)
pleased everyone had a fun night :)