Thursday 18 September 2008

To blog or not to blog, that is the question . . .

It would be easy to become very dis-enchanted with blogging at the moment and that makes me feel very sad.

We all have our own personal reason for blogging and I have been giving serious thought to why I blog.

Well, I blog for quite a few reasons actually. I blog because I love looking at other peoples creativity, I love little insights into other peoples everyday lives, I love looking at other peoples homes, I love seeing others thrifting finds. Some blogs are inspirational and some I read because they make me laugh!

I write my own blog because I like the online friends I have made around the world, it is a good marketing tool for my website (lets be honest here!), not that I have pushed it much . . . yet . . . and I blog because it has become my online journal, my diary.

I also blog as a form of escapism from the dreariness and sameness that is sometimes part of everyday life. Blogging has also been very supportive at times.

Recently I have been aware of some under currents in the blogging world, maybe some cattiness, some falseness, nasty comments left on blogs, copying of others art work etc.

For this reason some people have taken blogging breaks, some people have had to turn their comments off. How sad is that, when they have had to leave a medium, a form of communication which is supposed to make you inspired, happy, supported and creative!!!

The real world can be a nasty enough place, do we really have to bring it our enchanted little world of blogging. Too sad!

I am going to continue blogging FOR ME, because I need to blog. However, I have been spending too much time blogging recently and not enough time doing the 'real' stuff.

For a while I am going to use my blog as my daily motivator, my to do list. To get me back on track and to try and get my creative mojo back.

After all it is my blog, my journal, my diary. If you want to still visit I would love you to, but if you don't, well that is ok too.

And if you are guilty of any of what I mentioned, please stop it, go away and be the nice person you should be!

I do have to say that I haven't been directly targeted by this but I am upset that other people who I like have!

Anyway, I have said my piece, enough of that, on to why I am really here!

Before I type out my today's daily list I thought I would show you one of my vintage millinery confections. It was actually given to me and I forgot I had it! How could I forget this???

Is it not gorgeous! Karla, would you pluck this??? I don't think I can do it!!!!

Today at the Rose Room . . .

I need to:
  • Load Baby Clothing on Trade Me
  • Bank Cheque
  • Post Swaps
I am wearing:
  • Blue jeans, black t-shirt, purple cardigan, pink polka-dot slippers, perfume!
State of the House
  • Clean and Tidy
State of the Garden
  • Weed free
Currently at home
  • Coco the Cat and Me
I am crafting:
  • Nothing :(
I am reading:
  • Glamour by Louise Bagshawe (chick lit)
I am cooking tonight:
  • Chicken Casserole and Rice
The weather is:
  • Raining then sunny, raining then sunny . . .
My mood is:
  • Happy and positive
Bye for Now



Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

It's terrible what some people are experiencing when we know how much fun blogging can be.

I read Glamour on holiday in August and have Glitz waiting to be packed in my case for next months holiday

Victoria x

Unknown said...

WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL post Rachael!! I so agree with everything you said! I dont understand why people are being so mean, when we should all be here cheering each other on and having fun! I used to love blogging for the positive, wonderful things that went on. I have met so many wonderful people here. After my break, I am going to don a new attitude and blog differently. And like you said, if people want to visit me fine, if not fine! But I wont be hurt anymore doing something I enjoy. THe world has enough sadness and negativity without adding to it here! You are so sweet and I will always, always visit you! We have so much in common and so much we can talk about :)

I am so in love with that hat Rachael! That is to die for!! I dont think I could pluck the flowers either :)

Love you sweetie,

Sherry said...

Rachael, I haven't seen or been privy to any of what you were talking about in your post, and yet I know things like this happen online as much as they do in real life. I've been on discussion/message boards where it gets downright ugly. It's sad to be sure that grownups can act like small children or worse than small children.

I love Louise Bagshawe so I hope you are enjoying your reading..with a tidy house, and no crafting in the works, what better to do on a rainy/sunny/rainy day?!


Connie said...

Rachel my sweet chick, I'm also clueless as to what's going on. I have noticed some political nastiness that I absent myself from because I'll not get sucked into it. Just nasty. But I'll do some of the crafts I see on here but I don't sell them. I think that's okay with the blogger who is showing things we can do with old items we might not know what to do with though. I agree with you when it comes to my blog being MY BLOG. If someone doesn't want to visit with me I have no problem whatsoever with that. There have been a few I've passed up because of the "negativity" on them. I don't mean when someone is hurting and needs a hand or kind word to be lifted up, but the down right meanness of them. I simply pass them by and delete them from my blog list.

I hope you continue to keep blogging because I think we need someone like you, sweetpea. Just ignore the nastiness. Sorry that has upset you. I'm a truly upbeat and happy and humorous person and very little gets me down. Happy blogging, mom to a princess.......... ;-)


Anonymous said...

I enjoy blogging its kinda new to me and already I have meet wonderful people who I would miss if they were not around ,I haven't had any nastiness at all or cattyness, none of that crap has come my way ....yet.....
I really enjoy reading about peoples lives,and I like letting them peek in on my life as well.
We are all the same all we want is a little friendship,at least that's how I saw it when I started,I read blogs for 6 months before I started one,I dont regret it,sometimes I use to feel pressure to produce a post, not anymore ,its when ever I see or do something worth while posting the spirit moves me.Its for enjoyment of both parties.
So happy blogging everyone!

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Patting you on the back :) You're a good blogger.
I wonder too...could Karla do it??? Somebody go ask her to come over here and get to the bottom of it!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

im pleased your going to keep blogging
I LOVE your blog my friend

wow your garden is weed free wtg

have a good day :)

Aimz said...

I hear ya Rachael! It is sad, we're all equal online and offline no matter what. It saddens me that people get snippy and uppity with others instead of letting it go.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

When I read your reasons you blog ,
It sounded like my reasons...
It's my online journal and for a stay at home mum living rurally A godsend!
I don't get how they the yucky ones have the time to be nasty,i hardley have time to be nice!
But nasty I will never be..
Take care and keep up the lovely blogging you offer:)

Beth Leintz said...

It's your blog and you should do whatever you want- and I think you might be on to something with making it your to-do list- I know I get more done when I write it down.

(I can't pluck the flowers off of hats, either- I just don't feel right about it)

Katrina said...

Hi Rachael, I go through this blogging stage too. I really hate to say it, but some blogs are just boring and annoying hahaha! I have the same few I love all the time and love it when I find a new exciting one. But when I add a blog that I like to read, I have to get rid of some. I sometimes like to read blogs more than I like to write. I think that blogging is wonderful when I am in the mood! I know that I have met some lovely people from all over. I hope you keep blogging cos yours is definitely one of my fav's!

Miss Rhea said...

I have deleted several bloggers from my list this last month. I too cant swallow the falseness and ill will of some. And having an illness, I cant physically stomach some of the ugliness . I agree with you 100%. I did call a spade a spade on my blog. I don't know if you were referring to me or not, but people don't realize that you can hurt someone just as deeply online as if you were standing right in front of them. I value and cherish my friendships in the blogging/art world just like I do my in person friends and cruelty to others is just cruelty to others any way you look at it. I hope you keep blogging, you are a sweet lady. :)

LiLi M. said...

The answer is of course to blog!

Never let any negative person dictate what you do or don't! Always let you lead by positive vibes and positive persons and please ignore the rest. They just don't deserve it that you spend one nano second thinking of them.

Have a great day crafting (ok?)!

cherry said...

Hi there...I don't believe I have ever been here...I hope whatever happend doesn't stop you from doing something you love to do. I blog to be inspired and to inspire others. I have seen some of the silly political stuff on some blogs and choose to look the other way. You have a lovely your hat....I adore vintage items. cherry

Adeline Country Cottage said...

Hey Darlin, thanks for dropping by, and for your kind and warm comments, I have seen you around the traps but have never visited you before, you have a beautiful blog, and I just love your banner, I was only telling hubby the other day when we buy our new home I wanted to paint something like your banner on my walls instead off hanging pictures. how cool no dusting.
Now ref to your post I must have my head in the sand as I haven't seen or read any such thing going around, well I suppose I really haven't blogged much lately either, but you are right you blog for you not for anyone else, if they leave comments and you find a friend or two and then some, along the way, well fantasic! and all that bad neg stuff is like a grain of salt sifting through your fingers.

Have a wonderful day!

Kingswood Food and Craft Market said...

Hi Rachael,
Im so with you on this post, I have been the direct target of some very not-so-nice bloggers and it can be so upsetting and it does make you want to just give up....but then that would be giving in to them and thats not who i am.
I love the reasons you wrote for why you blog, i love how honest and upfront you are! I blog for all those reasons too and i think if people dont like someones blog then they should just not read it and leave that person alone.

Ok i will get off my soapbox now, sorry.

I adore that hat and NO i couldnt pluck it! Its just gorgeous!

Take Care,
Shann x

Muriel said...

Rachael I love blogging, cause I've made special friends all over the world!! You're one of them!!

I'm so sorry to hear about the nasties!! Best to ignore them!
Really sad, because blogging can be such fun.

Of course you must blog! I love your blog!!!! :-)

Have a great day!

x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
I love this post. I feel the same way you do. Why do people have to be nasty, they do need to go away. You like me love to blog because it is a creative outlet for us. I for now will continue to blog but if the time comes where I feel I need to stop, then so be it. But for now blog on sista.........


Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rachael, Love your post. You are so right in all you shared. Life is too short to be apart of the mean spirited people who try and make others feel they are less then. I have seen this in the past and I will not put up with it at all. God has blessed many who want to work hard, and keep busy, with abilities to pass on. Sharing a bit of ourselves with others through blogging. But there is also jealous people who think they are better. For those I feel sorry and ask God to show them the way. For those that feel they are the blog police and watch what others do to use it against them is just sick. I am lucky if I blog once every 10 days or 2 weeks. I am just too busy, but when I do visit and post I try and do it with all the things you mentioned in mind. Maybe I am always taking week breaks between posts. LOL!! If someone wants to visit me they are always welcome, if not, that is fine too. It is a big world and room enough for all. When I visit, I love to leave kind comments and I know we are all busy and I don't think we can get personal here and start measuring so much.

I love your to do list. I also do this everyday and keep it on my desk. Keeps one on track, and if we are busy, there is no time for causing trouble to others.

Thank you for bringing this to light. So glad you are here, we need clear thinking people like you.
So nice to see you today and your kind comment. I too have a weed free garden and am reading Circle of Grace.

Have a nice day.
Hugs, Celestina
la rea rose

Sugar Bear said...

I've definitely had some moments where I've wondered about blogging but I always come back to the fact that I'm doing it for me and the happiness I get out of it. If that ever changes, it will definitely be time for a break.

Pink Slippers said...

It makes me feel bad for the blooger who has some ding dong post negative comments. Why do people do that? Its so sad. We are ladies..LADIES. Well you posted the truth. Let us all be LADIES. YEAH!!! Wendy

Artifax said...

Yeah for a clean house and a weed free garden! :)

I must really be out of the loop on the blogging thing because I had no idea any of that was going on. I blog for many of the same reasons you do, plus I live in the middle of nowhere in an artistic wasteland and cherish all my artsy bloggie friends :)

If you like blogging and it is enriching your life and is fun and rewarding, then keep on blogging! :)

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

We also hope that blogland remains a happy place! Love the hat... and supper sounds good!
Karla & Karrie

dawnkristine said...

I agree with you 100% Thanks for posting your thoughts.

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

I just did a very similar post last ironic. I was upset myself by some false things insinuated about me. I am over it know. writing my post last night helped and the comments from all my fab friends.
Sometimes we do not realize...our online journals are just a google away so I try to be very careful what I post. My daughter reads my brother and countless others~ Even strangers. I also started to promote my business and I do not want to scare my customers away by being a Negative,mean,blogger.
I love how you have a to do list!!
I spend a lot of time blogging too, so that would be the only drawback~neglecting my duties.
Have a great weekend~Sheri

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Rachael
I hear you from all the way over in Australia!
Awhile ago I became really upset over a little incident, I actually had tears running down my face - at the age of 51! I had to sit myself down and give myself a lecture - it must have worked as I'm way over all the cattiness and undertones and whisperings. I very often show my work on my post, after all my work is a huge part of my life, yes I do put a link to my website too, I think you should be able to post about anything you like without worrying about being critisised. How do you advise your little Princess to deal with School yard nastiness? I bet you tell her to ignore the culprits and make sure she doesn't intentionally hurt others...

I'm glad you plucked up the courage to say your bit, please though Rachael don't pluck the hat - I love it!

bluemuf said...

Rachael, I checked out Glamour and will have to pick up a copy to take on holiday in October. It sounds like a fun read. I really don't know if I could pluck the hat. It looks so beautiful the way it is. By the is your garage coming along. I don't think I will ever get my basement done.

Take care
Hugs Karen

Karin said...

Hey Racheal...keep blogging for yourself...that's what it's really all about. I'm pretty much out of the loop so I'm not sure of what blogs you speak....unless it's mine making fun of the Real Housewives of orange county...and if that's the case, there's no way I can stop making fun of them..... :) hugs! Karin

The Vintage Kitten said...

Here Here! Excellent post!

Anonymous said...

Good for you!!! Your Blog your say!! You go Girl!!!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I must say, that this post as been so enlightening for so many of us... Thanks for that!

Unfortunately many of us are experimenting nastiness on the blogland!
Yesterday... I received one not very nice email of a fellow blogger telling me that I had no right to ask for her to support my friend Mandy, considering that I have never been to her blog before to comment on her art!
I thought to myself... how sad is that... it actually brought me to tears!
I too been wanting to make a similar post to yours... so I was wondering if I could link it to my blog , or "copy" and paste it to my blog... I will mention that they are your words, of course!

I`m not interested in taking credit for it, but I think that sadly...these issues have to be mentionned, and if more people read them and acknowledge them the BETTER!

I`m so sad to get to know you, on this SAD circumstances... specially to find out that your adorable little girl as been a victim of bullying herself!

My daughter who`s now ten... got picked for taking raw peas in a pod to school (when she was 7 years old)... as she loves eating them so much... unfortunately she got picked for it, and doesn`t eat peas in the pod since!
What a cruel world we live in!

I hope to speak to you soon!
Debbie Moss

Cindy said...

It seems like everyone was blogging along happily and then BOOM all of a sudden all this negativity entered our perfect little blogging world. I thought it was only happening to me and then I see others that are getting treated the same way! I refuse to let one rude person ruin my fun! I'm going to keep on blogging because 99.9% of it has been wonderful!

Cape Cod Washashore said...

This is a beautiful post, Rachael, and I am sorry that I just found it! You probably saw that I have taken a couple of blogging breaks myself in the not so distant past. What was supposed to be fun (blogging) became a chore, and when I received my first nasty/negative comment (which no one else saw but me), I was really turned off. Well, blogging breaks do wonders! =) And when I saw all the outpouring of love for the bloggers in need (ie NieNie), I know why I still want to blog. =)

Anonymous said...

I completely agree! And actually have not been blogging much lately because of how it seems to "take over" real life...I hope that the ones causing the problems will take your perspective and treat others with kindness and respect...