Friday 19 September 2008

Keeping it Real!

A huge thank you to all of you who left comments on my post yesterday. We are all on the same page regarding our blogs. I always say treat others as you want to be treated. Works for me!

Nastiness is a topic that gets me very hot under the collar as you will have now guessed. It is hitting a nerve at the moment as my Princess is witnessing bad behaviour and bullying of children in her class at school. This is having a deep impact on her own behaviour and attitudes at home and at school. We are on to it and working through it very quickly. It saddens me that at 5 years old she has to witness this and that it is 5 years olds who are doing it!

Yesterday I read two blogs that brought tears to my eyes. One written by Mary at Isabellas Closet asking for prayers for the family of Poppy a 13 month old baby who tragically died and the other was written by Corey of Tongue in Cheek asking for prayers for one of her readers whose daughter in law was killed, leaving behind two little children. And then of course there is the Nielson family tragedy.

That is what I mean by Keeping it Real!!! That is real and offering your support through prayer, donation or just stopping to acknowledge someones pain is important, not the small petty stuff!

This is very real, my pretty Princess dressed for Mufti Day this morning! She is such a poser!

And I certainly won't be plucking the hat I showed you yesterday, many of you seemed quite indignant that I would consider it.

However, this one has plucking potential!!!!

Pretty, but no where near as gorgeous as yesterdays. I paid an extraordinarily ridiculous amount of money for it on Trade Me for the sole purpose of plucking it!

Today at the Rose Room . . .

I need to:
  • Clean Bathrooms
  • Vacuum Kitchen and Dining Area
  • Hire Movie
  • Fold and put away GIANT pile of clean laundry
  • Tidy House
I am wearing:
  • Blue jeans, black top, Khaki light weight jacket, fake fur Leopard skin boots with a heel, perfume and jewels (I have been out shopping!)
State of the House
  • Clean but a little messy
State of the Garden
  • Weed free
Currently at home
  • Coco the Cat and Me
I am crafting:
  • Nothing :(
I am reading:
  • Nanny by Charlotte Bingham (novel)
  • Time Out by Diane Levy (parenting book)
  • The English Home magazine (bought today)
  • Romantic Homes magazine (arrived in mail today)
I am cooking tonight:
  • McDonald's for The Princess - its Friday, I don't cook!
The weather is:
  • Raining and overcast
My mood is:
  • Happy and positive
Bye for Now



Sherry said...

You've hit right to the heart of the matter here Rachael -- keep it real. Real life has enough problems, trials and tribulations. All the other stuff? It's just "noise".

Happy Friday -- I hope the Princess enjoys her McDonalds and you enjoy plucking that hat!

btw -- LOVE the sound of those boots!!!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

praying for her and you

your princess looks very nice

If i lived closer Id fold and put away GIANT pile of clean laundry its one job i dont mind doing so long as Our Little Man leaves it alone while I do it

have a nice weekend


Connie said...

I like "happy and positive", sweet chick!! Works quite well for me actually..... :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy positive and keep it real! Wow a mouthful but isin't that what friendnship is all about?
Your little princess is such a cutie!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

The princess looks so adorable. That hat in the post below is gorgeous. This hat is pretty also. Around where I live, you pay quite a price for millinery!

Aimz said...

I totally agree with you Rachael! It doesn't work when we try and show others we have it all together when we don't Nobody's perfect, we all have issues. It's how we handle it that makes all the difference.

Miss Rhea said...

Princess looks Sweet !! I have yet to Pluck a hat, there are NO vintage hats in Las Vegas, well, except the Ones that have football teams on them, or Ears, or fuzzy dice. lol !!

bluemuf said...

Hi Rachael, yes that hat is worth plucking. It is pretty, but those flowers will look great in projects. The princess looks sweet in her outfit.

Keep the faith
Hugs Karen

LiLi M. said...

I had to google Mufti day! Does your princes usually wear a uniform to school? Here to the kids every day is Mufti day and for a stay at home mum like me too!

Sometimes the blogging world seems such a quiet little feminine paradise, but of course it is something like the world outside. With tragedies and with nasty rude people too. It's a pity but that's reality as you have stated too.
It's good that you stay happy and positive! I will too!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Wish my garden was weed free. You hit it right...keep it real. Too much real pain in this world to dwell on the lesser.

Betty said...

I'm so glad you decided to keep blogging Rachael. Your blog is one of my favorites. I also like hearing the view points of women all over the world!

Muriel said...

Princess looks so cute ;)

Enjoy the McDonalds!!!

Keep it real, works for me too..... have a nice weekend.


Fete et Fleur said...

I am so sad for your daughter. It just hurts my heart. I think to myself . . . what is it that is making these children behave like this? How are they being treated at home I wonder? And to me that's the saddest part. Children are sponges and they usually act out what has been done to them or things they have seen that have impressed them. I hope that things get better in her classroom.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

You are on of my new fav's too,
And your little princess is a sweetie!
No cooking on a Friday sounds like a plan to me...Mabey to do tonight!
Got a nasty bug comming on and three littlies to feed so take outis calling my name:)

Lori said...

Rachel, Your cute and sweet and such a wonderful mom to the great posing princess! Have a great weekend!!! MMMnnnnnn McDonald's fries!!!!!!!! Love,Lori

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Hey Rachael,
Great to find a fellow Kiwi, I am new to blogging & have to say am really enjoying it. Really enjoy reading your page & hopefully I will be able to say my garden is weed free after tomorrow.
Have a great weekend.
Lyn xoxoxo

Kingswood Food and Craft Market said...

Hiya Rachael,
Good luck in our Giveaway and THANKU for everything you wrote about the blogging nastiness.
Some people need to be reminded to 'keep it real' and consider whats really important in life.

Your Princess is just so sweet and pretty. My Sam is 5 too and yep we've encountered some bullying and bad 5 year old attitude too...good grief!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend in NZ (my hubby is a kiwi).

Shann x

p.s Tell your mum HI from me!

My Pink & Cream Cottage said...

Hey Rachael me again. I was born & bought up in Christchurch *the garden City* & it really is, very beautiful this time of year, Moved to Nelson when I was 16 (my precious Mum & Dad still live there) & then to Aus when I was 21Spent 5 years in Sydney then moved up to Coffs & have been here for the past 22 years. So Sweet there you have, love Aus but really miss home!
Have a great night Miss Rachael & sweet dreams.
Lyn xoxoxo

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hi Sweetie,

Thanks so much for your support!
Unfortunately, it isn`t as easy for some people to deal with problems as it is for others!
I for one... ain`t as strong as people think!
And things like watching the news and see others suffering is a BIG NO! NO! FOR ME!
... And Bullies!
I truly dislike them!
So finding out what is going on in the Blogland as truly upset me!

But, I`m hoping that its nothing that a bit of time wouldn`t "heal".

Once again, Thanks For Your Kind Support!

I hope to be able to speak to you again soon!

Kisses Kisses Kisses

Debbie Moss


Country Cottage Chic said...

I can't believe that bloggers would be so nasty - I've always thought of us as a generous, kind community - such a shame.

On a brighter note - the hats are fabulous!

Bethany said...

What a pretty princess...pose and all!! Have taken a break for a while myself and have to say upon reading your post and the previous one...I so agree! It really is a sad fact of the matter that there is no escape or safe place to be from people who are sad and miserable and want to make others feel the same way.
And the copying thing....ugh, one of my all time pet peeves (been there on the stolen from end of things I'm sad to say!)
Keep going with how you are blogging and sending your sunshine across blogland...never mind the nastiness from those sad people!

Joyce said...

Hey Rachael,
I just read the past 2 posts..

Ugh....the blog craziness. Well that is an interesting subject. I hear and see ladies becoming discouraged too about their sites wanting to take breaks from doing them.

I'm like you...I do mine and it's a joy to me. I mean I'm not selling anything...but myself. HA! So I don't have to do it really.

I just do it to keep up with friends and family and for my own creative reasons.

I mean I am from America and I am all about "Freedoms" and such.....but when it comes to something like a blog....people....ummm....lets say tend to get a bit catty and contoling and down right nasty at times I have seen. Sadly.

People DO need to be sensitive to copyright things forsure....and not steal things. Although nothing is "new under the sun" and people always borrow and always have.

One time when I was a "very new blogger" I knew someone (personally" that wrote a post that I didn't agree with at all and wrote a comment back and it became a HUGE ordeal......a "war" in fact.....nearly.

But we worked it out the blog.
We agreed to disagree....because we can do that. We know each other.
But boy did I EVER learn from that experience.

Just because someone has a blog doesn't mean you SHOULD post YOUR opinion on it...or you should be careful how you do it at least. Because it is THEIR BLOG....not yours.
Plus yes...people just don't know how to react and are passionate about various things.

I too have seen some very mean spirited stuff especially in the "Political" realm....the past couple of weeks on normally "dear sweet, small town, big town, crafty Mama's bogs" I will just avoid them.

Like my kids say...."I don't want to hear all that NOISE!"

I'm totally a "realist" but I like to stay positive and not be negative...(although there are times believe me!!!) and try to encourage not only myself but also others along the way.

The world is negative in so many's nice when we can see and focus on the "GOOD THINGS" that are in it.

Keep smiling.....PLUS your Little Princess is PLENTY to stay "Happy and positive" about don't you agree??
Hang in there....

Shirl said...

Hi Rachael, I love your blog, and your last two hats are gorgeous. I enjoyed your last two posts and I agree with you 100%. I've always lived by the Golden Rule and wished more people did too! As for bullies, hmmm I guess we should pray for them to maybe see how wonderful this world can be if we all were just a little nicer!
I just got a pretty hat to pluck for fall. I guess I should have showed it on my blog, now it's just a pile of flowers and velvet ribbons.
I hope Princess enjoyed her McDonalds treat!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Cape Cod Washashore said...

Your daughter is a honey bunch! What a sweetie she is!!! =)

Unknown said...

What a perfect post Rachael! And so so true! This is what I am saying, so many are suffering and hurting and then people are acting the way they are. It is just plain SAD! I have had issues with my kids getting teased and things also. It makes me so upset!! Princess is so sweet and cute and you are such a wonderful mommy :)

Love you,