Friday 28 September 2007

Wallpaper, Poodles and Lace, Books and a Decorating Change

It's been such a busy week, so many parties, so little time . . .

I had a couple of parcels arrive this week from Trade Me (our version of EBAY) purchases.

The first was a book on Marie Antoinette, the book ended up in the rubbish, it was filthy. But it arrived wrapped in this wallpaper!!!!! I couldn't believe it. Being the ingenious type, (not often) I emailed the sender and asked if she had more wallpaper and could I buy it. It is on its way as we speak. About 1/2 roll of it!!!! LUCKY ME!!!!

A day later another parcel arrived, again wrapped in wallpaper!!!! What's going on here????
It's pretty but quite easy to get so didn't pursue that one!

This is what was inside, isn't that the most gorgeous print you have ever seen????? Well, I think so. I think I will reproduce it and sell copies.

Also got these cute swan decals, ribbons and laces off the same seller. Oh and a Victorian postcard book that I forgot to photograph.

Then yesterday Mum and I went to a Bookarama Sale. It had been pretty well picked over but I did manage to get this lot, to mostly rip up and recreate with! Mum got some very cool craft books that she might share with me if I am a good girl!

As we were going out the door I spied a big carton labelled RUBBISH with books poking out of it. RUBBISH, music to this girls ears! Much to Mum's horror I started rifling through it and unearthed all of this!!!! The two smaller books are very old dictionaries, one is French. The two large books are called Sunday at Home and are filled with the most fabulous illustrations. The RUBBISH started off to be free and then the charity people holding the Bookarama suggested a donation. So in the end the RUBBISH cost me $4!!!!!! I was thrilled!!!!

These are so great!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who commented on how nice they thought our home was. It's actually going to undergo a transformation as a result of watching Marie Antoinette (twice) this week. I am inspired to move to something along the lines of this . . .

Poor Babes has unwittingly bought into my scheme as last night he remarked on how much light our bedroom Portiere's let in! " Don't worry love" said me " I have got it in hand".
I am thinking heavy Portiere's (my fave word of the week) and draperies around our bed, something like this . . .



Unknown said...

You found some wonderful things!! Wow! I cant wait to see your makeover! isnt it fun deciding what you will do? Oh I lovethe poodle picture and the lace!!!


bluemuf said...

What fun, I just love the poodle print and junk books are amazing. Don't we just love sifting through junk, you never know what treasures lie beneath.

Hugs Karen

Anonymous said...

i like trademe
and that doggie print is so cute

blessings said...

Love it! On our street, we've gotten so well known for "garbage-picking" that now the neighbors find things and bring them to me. =) Blessings... POlly said...

Let me know if you are selling pieces of Alice!! How smart of you to contact the dealer about the wrapping!!!

Michelle said...

What great rubbish! In our city, they have one day a year where you can put anything you want on the street for pickup by the city. We get in the truck and seek out treasures on the street.. It's so fun!

Thanks for welcoming me to this new land of blogging. I'm having so much fun!

Barbara said...

oh oh that puppy! thinking that it would be great in the new bath!!! somehow...and the that wallpaper? i had fabric exactly like that that i used for stuff! isn't garbage picking grand? lol

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

You go girl! Now that's how it's done! Rubbish, indeed.

That poodle print is the cutest thing. My daughter, the poodle collector, would love it.

Artifax said...

Ooooh... that Alice wallpaper is charming! What a clever idea to wrap gifts in wallpaper!

And what fabulous "rubbish"! I was envious from the words "French Dictionary", even before I saw all those gorgeous illustrations! Way to go finding all those fabulous treasures!!