Monday 24 September 2007

Sunday at the Beach, Craftiness, Ribbons & Lace and Carpet

Yesterday (Sunday), Babes and I decided to take The Princess to the beach. She was sooooooo excited, spent ages packing bags (four) with bucket and spade, bathers, towel, change of costume, her doll Melanie, Blankie and Pillow and off we went.

We went to Maraetai (Maori translation is meeting place by the sea) which is only a 15 minute drive from our home. The Princess fell asleep on the way. By the time we got there it had started raining and for the entire two hours we were out the rain got heavier and heavier!

But not to worry, you can still eat ice cream cones in the rain. The Princess had a scoop and half of Strawberry on the bottom (because its pink!) and Gold Rush on the top. Daddy and I had Gold Rush, yummy, yummy, yellow creamy flavoured ice cream with huge chocolate, crunch filled balls spread through it. Just what a girl in my detox, health kick, condition needed!!!!

Creativity is running high in our home at the moment. The Princess and Nana made felt yesterday.

And the day before, Nana had given The Princess some craft goodies to play with and to our astonishment she made this butterfly all by herself and didn't let on until she had finished it! I was so proud, I mean she is only four years old.

Mum and I have finished the paper doll dresses for our mini swap with Karen and Catiean and also the Paper Doll Dress Swap I kindly signed us up for! We are also working on our Artful Christmas swap goodies.
I have been doing a little light shopping on Trade Me. Look what came the other day. Lovely vintage music magazine and all these fabulous vintage ribbons and laces.

Among some of my addictions/fetishes is vintage carpet. It is my personal belief a girl can never have too much vintage carpet. I like to buy it in house lots. Babes and I then cut it up resell what I don't keep for my personal collection. Trouble is I hate reselling it! Would much rather keep it, but we do make good money from it.
I have just lost out on this, I was prepared to pay up to $120 for it. I had to place my bid and then walk away from the computer otherwise I would have kept on bidding. It has just sold for $138. But that's OK because it was only two rooms and I normally buy better than that!

All is not lost because I have this in my sights!!! So much prettier anyway!

Off now to do a little more foofing for Karla's Romantic Country Party tomorrow. Trouble is I am a vintage shop owner and when I originally opened the first shop last November, I used mostly pretties from my home as start up stock! But I do have some pretty corners left for my favourite, never part with, treasures.
See you tomorrow at Karla's!


Anonymous said...

shame about the rain'still sometimes its nice to go for a drive and yummmmm ice cream

wow I like the butterfly Princess made
seems she must be following in your and your mums footsteps

12 Days of Christmas Swap said...
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Dementia : Our Story said...

Hi Rachael
Just love to read your adventures. It is lovely to see photos of NZ again. We used to live in Ellerslie then Manurewa before we came to Oz. Still have family living in Kawerau, Wellington and close to Lake Ohau. You certainly are a talented family. Love those paper dresses and Princesses butterfly. I'm sorry I missed out on the swap but just found it today.
Linda :)))

12 Days of Christmas Swap said...

whoops! I accidentally deleted my original comment, but what I wanted to say is that `Poor Babes' is in shock as he foolishly believed the garage would finally be used to `house' a car, not more carpet :):)

Lori said...

Just found your blog from Amy's at bunnyrosecotage! It has been a sheer delight to go back and read your previous posts and watch your shop take form! I must say your daughters butterfly is genius for a four year old, great job! will visit again, your welcome to do the same! Later, lori

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachael! Thanks so much for visiting our blog! So nice to hear from you in beautiful NZ. Look forward to stopping by your blog, it's so lovely!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Oh my gosh...vintage carpet???? I had no idea you could buy such a thing on ebay???? OH NO! I could be in trouble!! lol

Your daughters butterfly was just so absolutly beautiful!!

Artifax said...

What fun to read about your beach trip. And that butterfly your daughter made is just gorgeous! What a talented artistic family you have!

Vintage carpet! Yum! Love that second one you showed -- such wonderful colors and pretty flowers! I didn't know it was sold in big house lots. Learn something new every day :)

Cheryl Ensom said...

Isn't it wonderful that our "princesses" are creatively expressing themselves, even at a young age? I just LOVE it when my daughter does something like that! Assauges my guilt about all the hours I've spent crafting instead of...well everything I've left undone! ;) My princess will draw dresses and refers to them as "designs." That just tickles me to no end... :)
hugs to you...cheryl

Anonymous said...

Well written article.