Tuesday 18 September 2007

Vintage Kitchen Swap, Cats and The Shop

One of the many swaps I signed up for in the short time I have been 'blogging' was the Vintage Kitchen Swap hosted by Garb-oodles Soup. My partner was Barb at 123 lavender lollipop lane. Barb and I exchanged information about our kitchens and our likes etc.

Last week my parcel arrived from Barb. It's so exciting getting a parcel from overseas and not knowing what's in it.

When Barb and I exchanged information, I told her I love roses, pink, vintage linen and that my kitchen is blue.

She sent me the most beautiful and thoughtful collection of kitchen items imaginable, all in a perfect shabby chic theme of vintage blue, pink and roses.

Mum and I and the girl cats sat on the floor and as each tissued wrapped package was revealed we would ooooh and aaaah!

Barb sent me:
  • a vintage baking tray that she had painted herself and embellished with a paper doll

  • pink and blue spring pegs that she had attached a magnet to the back of

  • a dear little rose bud apron (Mum wore it at the shop opening party!)

  • a pretty frilly rose food cover

  • lace tray cloth with a pink rose

  • white tray cloth with pink and blue embroidered roses

  • blue hand towel trimmed by Barb with a frill and rosey material

  • napkins trimmed by Barb with rosey material

  • 2 blue pot mitts (how did she know mine were a disgrace)

  • and darling pink china salt and pepper shakers in the shape of a rose which are too darling to be used for salt and pepper, they are going to sit on my desk.

I am so thrilled with my gifts from Barb that I can't bring myself to separate them and put them away! I like to sit and play with them!

Can you see Martha peeking out from the stool? She is one of Mum's cats. I like to give animals a middle name, The Princess chose Martha's middle name . . . its Barbie!

Coco, my black girl is sitting on top of the box the parcels came in. Her middle name is Chanel because when she first came to live with us she was a very black, sleek and elegant girl. Something has happened because she is now a black and rotund girl!

If you want to see what I sent Barb go back a few postings and check out the photos.

We had the shop opening on Saturday, it was a huge success. I will do another post later today with all the photo's.

My Princess is at home with me as she as a Wry neck, very painful especially for a 4 year old. At the moment she is tucked up on the sofa beside me watching Dora Explorer.

Don't forget to leave a comment to enter my September draw for a rosey posey surprise!


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Your swap partner could not have done a better job. Lots of lovelies! They are all so sweet and pretty! My daughter was home one day last week with a horrible backache.

Aimz said...

how cool! I love vintage linens and managed to get some from my grandmother's hot water cupboard a while back :-)

Barbara said...

oh i'm sooo happy you like everything! my granddaughter has been wearing the sweet apron you sent to me ever since we opened your sweet package! i just love love love everything you sent! SOOOO PERFECT! i don't think i'll get back the apron any time soon...now if the girl would just make some COOKIES or something!

Cheryl Ensom said...

What lovely things your friend sent! I'm almost jealous! ;) And congrats on your successful shop opening! We'll be watching for the piccys of it. :) Hugs to you, dear!
Cheryl :)

Anonymous said...

praying for your daughter
poor wee poppet

Alison Gibbs said...

Great goodies in your kitchen swap.
Look forward to hearing more on the shop opening.

bluemuf said...

What wonderful treasures you received in the Kitchen swap. Lucky girl!!!
I'm so glad your store opening went well and look forward to the photos.

I hope your little princess is feeling better. That is so painful.

Hugs Karen