Tuesday 4 September 2007

Swaps In and Swaps Out!

I do so love swaps!

My Art Doll Hat swap arrived from my swap partner Jerusalem. I had actually read about my doll on Jerusalem's blog and didn't even realise she was for me! Jerusalem also sent some other lovely bitties which all suit me and Miss Beatrice Bell (my art doll) perfectly! A spray of pink flowers, a gorgeous FRENCH vintage postcard and cute strings of shredded paper with sayings on them.

Miss Beatrice Bell is so gorgeous and done in the most perfect shabby chic colours, my fave pink and green with glitter and tinsel and roses and little pink birdies.

Miss Beatrice Bell has her own story which is.....

She is a lovely English girl who runs a flower shop near the train depot in Northhampton. Because she see’s so much, (because after all Northhampton is such a busy, bustling place) and she knows who is buying flowers for whom, and who returned whose flowers, and who longs for flowers, and so on and so forth, she is well regarded far and wide for her ability to be discreet.If you ask her how she knows something she will only giggle and say:“Oh a little birdie told me…”
Beatrice has many suitors herself but she doesn’t confess which one she loves the most.Except to him of course…

thanks so much Jerusalem (whose name I love!), I am going to hang her in the shop to be admired by my customers.

I completed my Vintage Kitchen Swap for my partner Barbara. It took me a while to get going on this swap but once I started I actually couldn't stop and may have possibly got a tad carried away with it!!

Barbara likes primary colours and loves to frame vintage prints of children cooking in her kitchen so I went with that theme. Covered a tin for her and a notebook and also made her a paper doll dress. Then found some appropriately coloured kitchen items in thrift shops such as the kitchen measure, lemon jar, table napkins red gingham pinny, hand towel, spoons etc.

Wrapping it was also fun as I mostly used gingham that I edged with pinking shears so that she can use it for her own craft projects, all tied with ribbon and a vintage button.

I am now going to restrain myself from signing up for anymore swaps as I am having a little bit of trouble juggling everything at the moment!!!

But it is all so much fun!!!


a Bohemian Market said...

Hi Rachel:
I truly enjoy the way you used the gingham checks for wrapping. You are quite a cheery person.
I am 58 and jsut getting into the paper arts and enjoy looking at delightful bogs full of creativity and quite individual. It is thrilling
Thank you for coming by and saying nice things : )

Aimz said...

oooh you got some cool gifts! I recently got myself a tala measuring cup too :-)

Aimz said...

oooh you got some cool gifts! I recently got myself a tala measuring cup too :-)

ShabbyInTheCity said...

That was fun! I love the doll and how she is made...everything was wrapped so cutely...is cutely a word?