Wednesday 1 August 2007

Wacky Wednesday

Yesterday was Wacky Wednesday at My Princess's pre school. They have been reading 'Wacky Wednesday' by Dr Suess.

They were allowed to wear anything they wanted, pj's, different shoes, crazy hats etc. All the teachers participated and they had messed the school up, signs upside down etc.

It was so much fun, we worked out what she would wear the night before. In the morning Daddy dressed her, and did her hair. He did such a great job! Isn't she so cute??

And because Mummy is a tinsy, whinsy bit wacky herself, I couldn't resist, and arrived to pick Stella up in the afternoon dressed like this!

Yuk! I take such a gross photo. Too close, surely my legs arn't that short, it must be the checked pj pants. And I know I am not that wide, must be the big Victoria's Secret t-shirt . . .

But that surely is my messy house, I'm still trying to stash the overflowing contents of one shop into the overflowing contents of one house!


Aimz said...

rofl that is so funny - bet it was loads of silly fun!

bluemuf said...

What fun, It's so neat to do these great adventures with your children.