Wednesday 22 August 2007

Craftiness and Swaps

Well, its been busy, busy, here since Mum and I got back from the Road Trip. We have got into a nice evening routine where we get the Princess fed and bathed and dinner and dishes done in the quickest time possible so that we can sit down and get crafty!
Mum has been stitching Bullion Roses on to a white cotton petticoat which is part of the shop stock. It looks gorgeous. She has been watching in astonishment as I have been churning out things nightly with the help of my craft glue. Lots of tut tutting as glue is a no no in the Embroiderers Guild she belongs to!!!
I missed signing up for Speckled Hen's Paper Dress Garland Swap but thought they looked fun to do so over the last few nights I have whipped up these little pretties. Today I am going to buy the ribbon and little pegs to attach them to.

Mum found it all too hard to resist so last night found her with glue bottle in hand! Will show and tell hers later when she has finished them!

I also finished covering this lamp shade I have been working on. Really happy with how it turned out even though it is one of my more subtle ones! I normally use far more embellishments on them but sometimes less is more!

And, while all this has been going on I have finished the Art Doll I was doing for my swap partner Jerusalem. A while back I read that Jerusalem loves the Princess and the Pea story so I used that theme for my art doll. I used all my favorite Robyn Pandolph fabrics in layers with vintage trims and ribbons to represent the mattress's on the bed. Then made an overskirt with paisley fabric, gave her a veil, glittered up her head dress and added some beads to her necklace and bracelet and the final touch, a green rhinestone at the bottom of her skirt to represent the pea. Voila!

If I had more time I would make a lovely box for her to lie in but I would like Jerusalem to get it this year!

Have almost completed the Vintage Kitchen Swap I am also part of.

Mum and I have signed up for a 12 Days of Christmas Swap hosted by Holly over at Art Seeds. This looks like another fun one, we have already planned what we are going to make!

Oh, and I have the keys to the new shop, EXCITING!!! Start painting this weekend . . .


Aimz said...

Your mum is very creative and clever to do stitching like that! Love the dolls btw :-)

Barbara said...

beautiful work! (both for you and mom!!) I am ready to pack your vintage kitchen swap items but i need your address! thanks

Raven's Rest Studio, Jennifer Conway said...

The dress garland is looks super! - and I love how the cone doll has her hand in her pocket. Really great work!

bluemuf said...

What fun you and your mom have been having. I love her bullion roses. The outfits are so neat, I missed the swap as well and will evenually make some as they look fun.

You did a lovely job on the lampshade and I love your doll.
Have fun with your new shop and keep us updated with your progress.

Hugs Karen

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Yes I love your mom's ribbon embroidery!
Your art hat doll is the best I've seen! I love the little shirts and pantaloon sets out of paper :)

Anonymous said...

I love the art doll cone, and your dress garland is adorable too! Have you heard about the dress ball in the works for blog-land? I wish I had some paper-play-time right now! said...

What an elaborate and gorgeous hat!!!

And I know what you mean, I missed out on the paper doll dress swap too, but just had to make some anyway. Aren't they fun?

Cheryl Ensom said...

so many lovelies! Tell your mom her bullion roses are DIVINE! ;)
hugs, cheryl

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Beautifully stitched roses and I missed the paper dress swap too:( You art doll is so clever and pretty. She will LOVE it!

Artifax said...

Love your mom's bullion roses! And your art doll is just amazing! Love all those layers of fabric.

CatieAn said...

oh my heather

your doll art hat is absolutely beautiful!! HOw talented you and your mother are. what fun you must have making things together!

CatieAn said...


i don't know why i just said heather other than i was at heather's site looking at her jewelry and paper doll dresses. I am sorry.

you know how it goes with minds at times. can't wait to exchange paper doll dresses with your mom and you and karen