Thursday 16 August 2007

Road Trip

This is going to be a long posting so I will try to keep the story short and just leave you with pictures.

I have been away. For those of you who don't know, our little country consists of two main Islands, appropriately called the North and South Island. Auckland, where I live is in the North Island. My Mum has spent the last 30 years living in a small city called Nelson at the top of the South Island. Mum sold her house recently and made the decision to move to Auckland to be closer to her grandchildren. She is going to live with us for a while until she decides what part of Auckland she would like to buy in.

Last Thursday I flew to Nelson to help Mum with the final winding up of her house. On Saturday we packed her car up with the things that weren't going into storage, mainly her clothes, shoes, craft gear, computer and alcohol . . . lifes little neccessities!!

We must have looked so funny, like the hillbillies, honestly you could not cram another thing
in the car . . .

First stop was morning tea at Pelorous where we came across this fellow outside . . .

And then on to Picton to catch our ferry to the North Island. We had a little wander around first in The Looking Glass, a craft supply shop where Mum bought silk ribbon for her embroidery . . .

We chose the wild and woolliest day to cross the Cook Strait. However, our ferry, the Kaitaki was one of the new ones and we just skimmed across the choppy ocean. So smooth was it that we were able to enjoy a relaxing drink . . .

We stayed two nights in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. My Aunty and cousins live there. We had a lovely catch up, family dinners and lunches and I went on this bungy thingy (normally meant for children!) with Melissa, my cute baby cousin (aged 10 years!).

On Monday morning we left Wellington and headed north. First stop was Fibre Flair another craft supply shop where Mum bought more silk ribbon . . .

Next stop was morning tea at this fabulous cafe called The Brown Sugar Cafe. Wonderful indoor/outdoor setting with gorgeous gifts as well.

As we were passing through a little town called Levin I just happened to spot this sign "Salvation Army Thrift Store". I found a few treasures that I was able to to squash into the car. A rosey curtain for the new shop, Belgium Tapestry mats that sell well, wallpaper border, embroidered pieces, a dressing table vanity set and 4 meters of Chinese silk brocade. Not a bad haul!

On to Taihape for lunch at another Brown Sugar Cafe because the first one was so good!

We had gourmet cheese on toast sandwiches

These Brown Sugar Cafe's are so arty, just had to take a photo of this

On and on we drove, finally reaching Auckland at 8pm that night, after leaving Wellington at 9am.

It was so great to be home, to see Babes and the Princess who told me over and over again how much she missed me and how much she loves me. She was also very excited to see her much loved Nana.

So, now we are an extended family of Babes, Stella and I, Coco and Meah our cats and Mum's two cats, Hamish and Martha who arrived from Nelson by plane yesterday!

Its so cool because my Mum and I haven't lived in the same city since I was 17 years old and only got to see each other two to three times a year.


Jen and family said...

praying and hoping it all works out well
its such a LONG journey isnt it
GREAT photos
my mums family comes from Taihape
you both found some interesting places along the way and deserve a god rest :)

jen at

bluemuf said...

Hi Rachael, You've had quite an adventure.

Picked up some nice goodies and had some great meals. But, best of all you had some quality time to spend with your mom.

Hugs Karen

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

Hi Rachel! How nice that you can live by your Mum now, I bet your daughter is just so excited!

Love the photo of the cats on the bed! so cute..

Heather :)

Aimz said...

hey Rachael, I always enjoyed seeing pictures of places around our lovely country, btw did you know I nominated you for the nice matters award a while back?

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Your mom looks very nice and also stylish! I think you had a great trip the places you stopped! Have fun!