Tuesday 27 November 2012

Pinterest - Day Seven

Day Seven of my Pinterest Challenge was on Sunday, yes two days behind!  I tried out this Pin, "How to make your skin glow".  It was easy, 4 TBSP of baking soda mixed with one of water.  It was a bit hard to apply because it was crumbly so I did it over my hand basin, which was a bonus as I used the bits that fell in the basin to clean it afterwards!  It also crumbled into my mouth so if you try it I recommend keeping your mouth shut! haha

The Verdict
Surprising good!
After a few minutes my skin started to tingle and once I rinsed the 'mask' off my skin felt tight, so very good for toning! I'm not sure if my skin glowed like hers because I'm not using her makeup haha, however my skin did look nice in the photo below, where I am wearing My makeup and trying to photograph my teeth! haha

In other news:
  • The Cowboy bought me  Windows 8 for my laptop - I'm loving it, the apps and organising my tiles!
  • I'm selling my vintage clothing collection - you can see them here.
Rachael xo

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Jen said...

looks very pretty :)

bless the Cowboy :)