Friday 23 November 2012

Pinterest - Day Four

The Princess's Room
Day Four of my Pinterest Challenge is a continuation of Day Three, where I have started working through my new "To Do" list format.  It seems to be working for me as I now have half a clean apartment - only half - haha!  But it's a really, really clean half!  See the Princess's really, really clean room!

In Other News:

  • I can't get passed feeling completely exhausted, guess I still haven't unwound from the big university year I have had, big year all round actually.
  • The Cowboy played in a corporate golf tournament yesterday, he got 'Closest to the Hole' and won a trophy and  a chicken.  Actually  it is $250 in Westfield Shopping Vouchers, not a chicken but I always joke about frozen chickens being golf prizes - haha
Rachael xo

1 comment:

Jen said...

WTG!! with all the cleaning
Id be worn out if I did all that

WTG!! to your man