Thursday 29 November 2012

Pinterest - Day Eight

Solitary Sailboat, Nelson - New Zealand
My pin for Day Eight of this ridiculous challenge I have set myself at an impossible time of the year is something I pinned on Pinterest.

The other day I was home alone at the Cowboys and removed a very cool, but badly faded 3D Art print so I could use the wall as a backdrop for photographing the vintage clothing I have for sale.  When the Cowboy got home from his day job I apologised for removing the print. He was not bothered about rehanging it due to the fading. I suggested he replaced the 3D print with one of his own photo's.

So he did! We measured the frame, I found a good quality print shop online and the next day he came home from his day job with the enlarged print of my absolute favorite of all his photography work, the  solitary sailboat taken in Nelson, New Zealand. We took the back of the 3D art print apart, trimmed the new print, resealed the backing and the frame and voila - perfection!

So there you are, always look to how something in your home can be re purposed before disposing of it!

You can read about how this photo came to be taken here!

In Other News:
  • It was all about daughters at the Castle last night, the Wasbands god-daughter was here for dinner, my god-daughter was here, my god-daughters cousin was here, my upstairs neighbor and her daughter were here and the BEST daughter of all, my Princess was home from her Daddy's.
Rachael xo

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Jen said...

what a fun evening it must have been :)