Tuesday 26 January 2010

Wordtoons Review

As you know I am about to start a 3 year degree at University to train to become a teacher so obviously I have a passion for the education of children.

I am always on the look out for innovative resources for the Princess and I to do at home which is why I can't speak highly enough about Wordtoons as a fun and educational resource.

It is also proving to be a great tool for children with learning difficulties/disabilities or just a general lack of interest in learning to read, write and spell!

If you care about the education of your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends children then just spend a few minutes watching the Wordtoons video clip and reading the amazing reviews Wordtoons is receiving from homeschooling American mums!!


Sarah says:
My child with Autism is finally making connections that we have being working for months on. His vocabulary has exploded!

Pamela says:
WOW, my six year ADHD child has finally learned how to know words. This is the greatest thing ever. It has helped me tremendously to help her to understand what a word is. She has blossomed greatly!! She is now getting 100% on her spelling words and letting every one know it to. Thank you.

Mandi says:
We are a homeschooling family and enjoy any teaching tools that bring the joy of learning into our home. The first day I wrote the word dog on the marker board my children looked at me puzzled and wondered why I was so excited for them to learn the word dog that day. Now they beg for more words to learn, of course only the words that include creating it into what the actual word is.

I’ve told many homeschooling families about this wonderful ebook. To me it’s an amazing way to teach!

Jackie says:
Great idea and even greater effect on the kiddos! This is a super way to get kids to learn spelling words, especially visual learners or kids with dyslexia, like my daughter. I can see Wordtoons being used in Rebus stories very easily. Wordtoons are a great springboard for story writing. Thanks for your wonderful product!

Renita says:

I am awed by your creativity. This is a great book perfect addition to any homeschool curriculum, or just for fun.

This is such a simple yet inspiring idea that my boys ages 9 and 12 absolutely love. My oldest has had some difficulties with holding pencils and not drawing due to brain damage caused by vaccinations. He has only recently started to try to color and draw again after 6 years of struggling and giving up on art.

I gave him access to this cool e-book as part of our homeschool art project, and it has set alight a fire under him. He is drawing like crazy, filling up pages and pages and having so much fun.

I am recommending this to my sister and daughter, who home schools, and all our friends.

This a such fun book for everyone, not only kids but adults too. I love it.

(click on the image to go to website)

of course this is blatant advertising but I am so excited about Wordtoons that I felt the need to do a entire post about it!


take care

p.s. I am not getting paid for promoting Wordtoons!

p.p.s. Wordtoons creator is the man I having been seeing for a while, he cooks me nice dinners and breakfasts so maybe I do get paid!

p.p.p.s I am busy selling my stash of vintage linens on Trade Me

p.p.p.p.s my fingers are itching, I am going to start sewing some delicious creations very soon!


Jen said...

thanks Rachael :)

Ill shall go have a look :)

Id say thats very nice payment :)

Lindsay's Lounge said...

Somehow, sometime..... everyone gets paid.
However I like my own wordtunes that i posted :)

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Sounds like a great product. Will check it out.
I have a couple of giveaways on my blog--plus details on how to participate if you want to. You are so creative you might really enjoy it. It's a fun way to meet new bloggy friends from all over the world.

Unknown said...

Oh this sounds wonderful Rachael!! I wish I could home school my boys :( But everyone yells at me when I bring it up! I will have to check in to this product, thank you so much for letting us know about it :)
Love ya,

Great-Granny Grandma said...

I've added your name to the hat (for my giveaway). You did want to be entered, didn't you?

Peta said...

Best wishes for your success, I think you will be a great teacher. xx

Merci-Notes said...

good luck in your new challenge! It is a fabulous career... teachers who actually love to teach :)
I will pass on this word tunes spot.


Stephenie said...

Thanks for sharing the name of the box with us!!! I'll have to check it out..
I can't wait to see your sewing creations! I bet they'll be pretty.. Hope you're doing well..I love your new profile picture, you look so pretty..

Sugar Bear said...

Cool! I'm going to look into it.

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hi Rachael, we have been away on holidays so havent been blogging much but thought I would pop in and say hi! I am very interested in thsi wordtoons concept. I dont think I have mentioned, but my youngest has a global learning delay and although has a helper at school she needs to do more at home too. Will pop over and have a look at the website, thanks for the link
Alicia :0)

Fete et Fleur said...

This sounds like a wonderful learning tool for children. I will pass this on to my teacher friends!


Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

That's a great idea!!!! I homeschooled my youngest for a couple of years, and I can see that would have been a fun tool to use! Congrats on becoming a teacher!!!