Sunday 17 January 2010


The Princess has some very dear little friends. One of these little friends is at our house a lot and such a brave little girl, she stays for sleepovers quite often.

Last night we went to my Mum's for dinner. The grand kids and their friends always get 'cocktails' at Nana's, fizzy drink, umbrella's and they choose their own swizzle stick!!!

Look at these posers, shades of things to come.....

This morning they got up bright and early, went for a walk round the corner to Nana's, probably hoping for a breakfast 'cocktail' and then back home for a swim in the leaking pool!

Do not be fooled into thinking this is a happy picture, the Princess is about to have a meltdown because her friend splashed her (accidentally)!!!

Meltdowns are what happens in this house when little girls don't go to sleep until 11pm because they are chatting!!!

It was a busy Sunday, I showed 3 lots of people through both my home and the grandmothers across the road....... fingers crossed for a house sale or two!!!

take care

p.s. every time I eat at my Mum's I manage to break something and have to get the vacuum cleaner out - last night was no exception, she is now down one glass and two little spoons from a cruet set she brought back from Armenia. Sorry Mummy!!!


Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Don't I know those girlie meltdowns well. And.... it's not just little girls either. My teenage girls can be very angst filled after a sleepover. Why do we call it a sleepover anyway, when no-one gets any sleep?
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Jen said...

nice photos
nice garden shame about the leak

the movie was good :)

LiLi M. said...

We always say shards bring hapiness! So I think you might have sold a house or two, or...your daughter sleeps in at 8 pm this night...
Have a great Sunday!

Connie said...

I think Princess should be called Pixie Princess, sugar, as she looks just like a pixie! :-)

bluemuf said...

Hi Rachael, great pictures of the girls. Don't feel too bad about always breaking things, I think it's a gene some of us have. In our family line we all spill and can't keep our food on our forks.
*very big grin*

Hugs Karen

Lori said...

good luck Rachael, i hope the houses sell for you and you get a good price!!!

Pink Slippers said...

Cute pictures. My children would love to have umbrellas in their cups. Hmmm.
Great idea.