Sunday 22 April 2018

This and That...

this week.

The Princess and I did a bit more work on clearing her room. The Cowboy said her room now looks like she could "up and go at any moment". I have been cleaning, doing laundry, sorting, pottering and fluffing.

Crown Lynn Fashion Rose jug and Hibiscus from my garden
It's school holidays. Enough said :-)

My order from Book Depository arrived. There is nothing like the smell of new books. I am reading the April book for the online book club I joined. The book is Homecoming by Yaa Gyasi and I am obsessed with the story. It is the story of the African slave trade and follows 300 years of a family, from the African slave trade side and the Amercian slavery side.It's horrifying, thought-provoking and makes you question the humanity of mankind. It is a challenging read for me because of the many characters and settings but I have stopped worrying about recalling what I have read and just going with it. Fortunately, it has a family tree at the front of the book which I refer to when I get muddled.
The Cowboy and I been binge watching Designated Survivor on Netflix and now eagerly await the weekly release of each new episode. We have been talking about if it is really like that in the White House or maybe it is the White House staff trying to corral President Trump!
I also started watching Rita, which I can't recommend enough, especially to my teacher friends. I am so not a Rita teacher but kind of wish I was! Disclaimer - not every aspect of Rita's life though haha

My poor Cowboy has been so sick and miserable with a horrible head cold thingy.
The Cowboy's boy came for dinner after work on Thursday, which is a weekly event. He showered here and I laughed when I saw how beautifully he had left the monogrammed towel I gave him as part of his 21st birthday present. If you are stuck for a gift, go for monogrammed towels!
The Princess went to the Halsey concert on Thursday. She looked so cute wearing a denim pinafore. Naturally, she wouldn't actually let me take a photo of her wearing it! She laughed when I told her I was so happy she didn't look skanky haha She came home with this bright yellow hoodie, isn't it such a happy colour.
It is not the Princess but it is her denim dress/pinafore from Factorie and her happy Halsey concert hoodie. The white lump in the mirror is the Princess - hiding - grrrrh

Some of my uni/teacher friends came for lunch on Friday. I made a Chelsea Winter Self-Crusting Spinach and Feta Quiche. Really, really good despite me forgetting to take it out of the oven once it had cooked! The prep time is 15 minutes or in my case one hour!

If alternative living fascinates you, check out Jinti Fell on Instagram and YouTube. Jinti, her husband and little girl lived and travelled Australia in a van, a very little van. They are vegan, into Yoga, meditation, self-development, carbon footprint and beaches. They are currently living in Bali. I love watching Jinti on YouTube, her voice is so soothing and she radiates inner peace and good health. Aspirations (not living in a little van though!)

My hairstylist, yes I have had my second haircut in a year, put me on to this L'Oreal hair product. I call it "Spray Away the Grey", it is a serious game changer for short people like me who always have adults and children looking at the top of their greying head - haha.
I am also obsessed with this L'Oreal Sugar Scrub. The colour is kind of offputting. NZ people, think Karitane Yellow! Oh, my goodness, it is so good, I am using it every second night and my skin is super soft and looks brighter. BTW, I am not a die-hard L'Oreal product person but recently good things from them have come my way!
We have been out for coffee and necessary supplies including ice cream and wine.
The Cowboy is watching motor racing.
The Princess is in bed watching something.
I am here, drinking herbal tea and blogging. I'm also clock watching. Very, very soon I am going to pour myself a big fat glass of red wine.

Thanks for reading.

p.s This little girl cat thinks this bedroom is hers. She does kind of suit the decor!


Anonymous said...

Dear Rachael, you sound happy , positive and BUSY.
It is good to hear that you are definitly getting on with your life.
Much Love from your Wellington Aunt. xx

12 Days of Christmas Swap said...

Daughter .. I am so proud of you and reading this I realize how far you have come - you have written an epic blog post and in the style that we all know and love - you wouldn't have been able to do this 6 months ago, so maybe, just maybe your concussion is slowly but surely healing - driving your car is certainly on the horizon xxxx