Friday 6 April 2018

Where it's at...

2017 panned out to be the crappiest of years. The Cowboy and I, and both our families had some really traumatic stuff happen. It felt so good to kick 2017 to the curb and start afresh!

Family things aside, the year passed in a blur of appointments and therapists, routines and exercises, binge-watching Netflix shows with the Cowboy and not remembering what I had watched the night before, discovering makeup videos on YouTube and finding it strangely soothing watching people apply makeup, good days and bad days and just life.

This year has been crazy busy so far, especially the month of March, where we had birthday celebrations for what seemed like all month long, including the Princess turning 15 and the Cowboy's boy turning 21. 

My cricketing Cowboy in batting form.
The Cowboy himself plays cricket (not for Australia - haha) and for the last year or so has been practising hard and talking a lot about getting his match fitness up to par. He really loves it, but oh my goodness I never realised what a dangerous game it is. He always seems to be bruised, I'm talking massive bruises, sprained, torn, twisted or 

broken in or on some part of his body. Anyway, he is currently away for the week with his team, the 'Never Weres', playing in the 'Golden Oldies Sports Celebration 2018' cricket tournament in Christchurch. He is having a lot of fun but the injury reports being texted to me are increasing on the daily. 

This girl, who hates her
photo taken, turned 15!
It is really strange being home alone. We realised I have never been in this house alone. In saying that, there are some things I am really enjoying such as the free reign of the TV, the towels remaining straight in the bathroom and closing the windows and curtains when I want to. The Princess comes home from her Dad today and the Cowboy comes home on Sunday and I really can't wait to see them both. 

From dark furniture and a gallery wall
to white, bright, clean lines.
We have slowly been working on turning the Princess's room into a sophisticated teenage girl room. This has involved sorting through her belongings and passing things on that she no longer needs or has outgrown, stuff she has had since at least 4 years old! She does not have a hard time letting things go whereas I can find sentiment in anything!

How can I part with it,
it has sparkles and fur!
I have also been working on sorting my wardrobe out my Mum will be pleased) and seriously culling my clothes. I have things in there that date back to pre-Princess that I am struggling to part with. There goes that sentiment thing again or is it just hoarding tendencies? 

I'm making some really good progress with the Post Concussion Syndrome thing. While I'm still symptomatic when I leave the house, my tolerance is far greater and once I adjust to a new environment and am not too fatigued I cope well. 

What's really nice is people at school telling me how much better I look and seem. That makes me happy!

This happened as I was in the process
of finishing this post.
At home, I think I function really well (the Cowboy disputes some areas of this)but I'm doing more and more even if I still stuff the online ordering up, mess up recipes I shouldn't and do really weird things with the coffee machine. I even did some gardening over Easter weekend, it felt so good to be out there giving the hydrangea bush a savage haircut.

I really don't have hair
but I did have to 'arrange'
my fringe for months.

Speaking of haircuts, I had one! I desperately needed it because at some point of last year I had cut my own fringe, not pretty and my hair had gotten really long. The hairdresser told me it at been 11 months and 24 days since my last haircut! 

This year I've had day trips and longer trips away to some of my happy places. At the end of January, we went to Rawene which is a four-hour drive. I was desperate to go to my stepfathers birthday party so we did it! I have also been to Mary Thistle's farm - twice, one of which was to celebrate her birthday. So good!

Port Waikato on a wild and windy day.

My little people loved this writing activity,
the title had huge appeal!

The best thing is that I am back at school parttime. Very baby steps to start with. I'm working with children who struggle to write, a bit like me at the moment! I love feeling like a teacher again and working with small people. It is great to sit in the staffroom and have conversations that are not about me!
Some other things I have achieved are reading books, doesn't matter that I can't remember what I have read, I can read without feeling ill. I am drinking again, that sounds bad, what I mean is having a glass of red wine here and there which does not seem to impact on my condition. Bubbles on the other hand... I have ventured into the supermarket and shopping malls but find it is still a pretty nasty experience. 

Beauty out on the driveway
Things I want to do desperately are DRIVE MY CAR! And, read magazines, there is something about glossy paper and the magazine page size that is still really unpleasant to look at. I really want to go into shops and try clothing on instead of buying online and then returning because they look bad on me. I also want to go shopping with the Princess. I want to be able to do needlework, I've tried to hand-stitch a hem and I can't seem to coordinate my eyes and hands to make nice neat stitches. My hem looked like something a toddler had sewn. 

Mindfulness at work
I have started journalling after receiving this beautiful journal for Christmas (thank you again, you!) and really trying to become more mindful by better looking after myself physically and spiritually. 

Just this week I joined an online book club and I'm waiting for my book to arrive from Book Depository. I'm hoping the discussions will help improve my comprehension and communication skills. You can find the book club here if you are interested.

All in all, life is definitely on the up!

Thanks for reading,

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Oh Skippy just a beautiful thing to see you write again. Well done you.Mary XOXOXO