Thursday 1 June 2017

Upside Down

flowers from my school
sweet Get Well notes from my students
The Cheesecake Shop yummy treat from my Pip, my classroom neighbour
part of rehab is gentle soothing activities
these two are very happy with the current situation
On March 10, I had a car accident. A guy who was texting while driving in the middle of torrential rain, think Cyclone Danielle, ran into the back of me. It wasn't a big hit but it did move my car forward and my seat slid backwards and forwards on its runner. I was looking in the rear vision mirror, watching him approach, knowing he wasn’t watching. The Princess was sitting in the passenger seat, I flung my arm across her to protect her. The guy who hit us didn't get out of his car so I got out of mine and got his number plate while standing in torrential rain with cars everywhere. The Princess didn't want me to get out because she was worried about my road rage haha.

The lights changed to green and we carried on. In fact, I went through McDonald's drive-through getting the Princess dinner, picked up a bottle of red wine and Pad Thai for the Cowboy and I. Apart from a burning sensation on the right-hand side of my back I felt fine.

The next morning I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a truck, not a car. I felt so bad the Cowboy took me to a Doctor who diagnosed whiplash and concussion.

Since that day I have not been back to my job as a teacher.  I have a range of symptoms that are isolating and debilitating.

My life has been turned upside down, my days during the week revolve around different kinds of therapy.

One of my therapists suggested I start a gratitude journal as I quite often feel sorry for myself even though I try not to. I have a list of things I'm thankful for and lucky to have in my life such as the Cowboy who is looking after me exceptionally well, my beautiful Princess, my family and my friends.  I'm thankful for my school supporting and a health system rehabilitating me.

I thought I would use my blog as my gratitude journal and blog my rehabilitation journey. It might also be helpful for other people experiencing the same journey.

I make no apologies for the style of my writing, grammar and punctuation, anyone with this condition will understand how hard it can be to communicate.

Today I am especially grateful for technology that allows me to sit here and talk at the screen and let the iPad do the typing for me.

xo Rachael


Unknown said...

Unbelievable incident, unbelievable injury Rachael. Well done writing this. I'll be happy to shout you a glass or 2 when you're ready. In the meantime my job will be to keep the long haired lout under control. David

12 Days of Christmas Swap said...

and I am so proud of you - this would not have been easy - it is hard to feel gratitude, I do feel this is a great idea, you have used your Blog in the past for therapy and it is wonderful to see you using it again - Love you very much daughter xxxx

Jo Yearsley said...

Very very sorry to hear this Rachael and can't imagine what you must be going through from being someone so incredibly capable always with so much on the go. Thanks for sharing with us and will be sending you love and strength for the journey you are on xxx

Katie Dwyer said...

Hi Rachael
I just wanted to send you big big squishy Katie hugs. If there is anything you need - even just an annoying visitor, sing out!
Take care xx

Katie Dwyer said...

Hi Rachael
I just wanted to send you big big squishy Katie hugs. If there is anything you need - even just an annoying visitor, sing out!
Take care xx