Wednesday 28 June 2017

Post Concussion Syndrome Therapy

I have to use this 4 x per day, 5 mins a time, keeping my BPM around 90
2 different sets  of ocular exercise 4 x per day 
more ocular exercises 4 x per day
Having Post Concussion Syndrome has given me a newly found appreciation of the health care system in our country and how lucky we are to access it.

My therapy is funded by ACC and managed by a personal Case Manager. My Case Manager is incredible, she has a great understanding of concussion and the recovery process. She makes sure the process is as stress-free as possible for me (stress hinders concussion recovery) and is genuinely interested in how I am.

My therapy is managed by the ABI Rehabilitation Clinic. My Occupational Therapist liaises with my ACC Case Manager, my GP, and my school while working with me.

Here is a list of the professionals involved in my therapy/rehabilitation:
  • ACC Case Manager - approves funding for therapy, services, equipment, and income.
  • Occupational Therapist  - fatigue, activity planning, vocational
  • Neuro Physiotherapist - dizziness, balance, oculomotor
  • Psychologist - emotional
  • General Practitioner - overall health, medication
  • Medical Specialist - diagnosis, medication
  • Muscular Physiotherapist - neck pain/stiffness, headaches
  • Acupuncturist  - dizziness, nausea, fatigue neck pain/stiffness, headaches

Until very recently, each week I had the following:
  • Two physio sessions 
  • Two acupuncture sessions
  • One Occupational Therapist session
  • One neuro physio session
  • One psychology session
and sometimes a doctor visit.  I am very lucky as the OT and Neuro Physio visit me at home. I finished physio last week but the rest are ongoing at the moment.

In addition, ACC also provides me with:
  • Taxi Service
  • Home help
ACC have also provided equipment to help with therapy/rehabilitation:
  • Exercycle
  • Laptop Stand
  • Key Board and Mouse
Since the accident I have taken the following medication:
  • Tramadol - whiplash/headaches - no longer take.
  • Codeine - whiplash/headaches  
  • Norflex - muscle relaxant - no longer take.
  • Ondansetron - nausea
  • Melatonin - sleep/headaches
  • Amitriptyline - sleep/headaches
  • Escitalopram - emotional - this is not new medication
  • Neurofen - headaches 
You can see how comprehensive it all is and how very consuming!

We really are so lucky in our beautiful country to have access to such comprehensive health care services.

I am grateful for the therapists involved in my rehabilitation.

Thanks for reading.
Rachael xo

PS. sorry about the awkward photos - it became too hard to crop and shop them to look pretty!

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