Monday 24 September 2012

T is for Tea

If you know me really well, you will know of my addiction for tea. Just tea, plain old gumboot tea. No flavours or scents, just tea!

When the Cowboy and I got together he was a low end tea drinker, a 30 tea bag box purchase tea drinker. This stressed me, if my tea supply gets down to 30 I am running out!

He embraced tea drinking (as well as embracing me ;-) ) and graduated to being a middle of the road tea drinker and became a 100 tea bag box purchase tea drinker.

57 weeks later he is now a big boy tea drinker and is a 200 tea bag box purchase tea drinker .

It's a beautiful thing!

Rachael xo


Jen said...

I found this on FB the other day
"If I drink alcohol Im an alcoholic"
"What about if I drink? Im fantastic"
my MaMeg commented
and if I drink tea am I tearrific?
Id say so to both her and you :)

Jen said...

I myself prefer coffee and fanta :)