Monday 3 September 2012

Frugal Finds

It's slim pickings in our OP shops these days! Not so long ago I could go into an OP shop and come away with armfuls of treasures, not anymore!

Probably a good thing really because I am supposed to be off loading treasures, not accumulating more of them!  These days I only visit OP shops to drop off stuff that I am donating ;-) 

The other day when I was dropping stuff off to my favorite Sally Army shop that I do NOT visit at least once a week on the way to pick the Princess up from school, I did do a little browsing  because I needed to get  the Cowboy an oven mitt for his house, which I did (50 cent bargain), and while browsing I happened across a few treasures, that happened their way into my car.

Like this cool white colander, because I NEEDED a third colander, a girl can never have too many colanders, and it was a $4 bargain, 

and this Johnson Brothers blue dessert bowl which I NEEDED because, well it was a $2 bargain, 

and this sterling silver sugar bowl which I NEEDED  because, well its sterling silver and also a $2 bargain!

Such bargains, such frugal spending for my NEEDS!

Rachael xo


Jen said...

I use to have a dinner set in the same pattern as your new dessert bowl

Marie said...

Don't you just hate it when things JUMP into your car. Just think of those people you are helping by supporting the OP shop (thats what always convinces the items I NEED to JUMP into my car!)

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Rachael,
You sure found some great treasures. I also have the blue plate. Love the white colander too.
Have a great week.