Monday 6 August 2012

Hello August

Where did July go?  It went way too fast for sure but I did get some stuff done on my "To DO List" - certainly not enough though!

My Kitchen GERANIUMs loved july

HOW DID I GO with My goals for July?


  • building a website - yet to start 
  • writing a book -  no further progress 
  • creating with fabric and paint -  yet to start but I have a lot of pins on Pinterest!
  • selling, selling, selling - oh my goodness yes - I'm a Trade Me top seller again!
  •  getting fit -  sorry what was the question?
  • getting my ribs healed - ongoing
  • stopping pain medication  reduced to one to two tablets per day
  • fun times with the Princess -  big tick
  • fun times with the Cowboy   -  big tick
  • reading a book for pleasure   big tick -50 Shades of Grey haha
  • cooking new recipes   big tick
  • buying contact lenses  not yet
  • getting my hair cut  big tick
  • and staying warm! - impossible
  • blog daily -  failed

July was fun, people came to stay at the Castle, my best friend Mary Thistle and my Mummy for a crafting sleepover, the Princess and I love having people to stay!

We also had the Princess's best friend here for a sleepover, we had a special little 'adoption' ceremony to make her a lifelong daughter of our home!

I also started a 120 hour online course teaching English as a second language, I have 118 hours to go!

August is big,  I have got lots of medical stuff to do to finish the silly old rib healing, (it's now been a year), I also have to plan a couple of parties here at the castle, get cracking on the 118 hours left of my course, and carry on with the TO DO list, I really want to get my crafting mojo back on so have to add sort the craft room out to the list!

Best I get a move on!
Rachael xo

august TO DO LIST
  • build a website 
  • writing a book
  • creating with fabric and paint 
  • selling, selling, selling 
  •  getting fit 
  • getting my ribs healed 
  • stopping pain medication 
  • fun times with the Princess
  • fun times with the Cowboy  
  • reading a book for pleasure   
  • cooking new recipes   
  • buying contact lenses 
  • getting my hair cut  
  • and staying warm! 
  • blog daily
  • Online ESOL course
  • Sort craft room out

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