Tuesday 5 July 2011

Way up in Weipa

The Princess and I are on holiday in Weipa, north Queensland of Australia, staying with my brother, sis in law and gorgeous kids!

Picnic on Indigeneous Day
But what a mission to get here!

A comedy of travel errors!

Our flight on Saturday 26th was cancelled due to volcanic ash in the air coming from Chile.
Three hours and four flight changes later we were able to reschedule and eventually left for Cairns on Wednesday 29th July on a budget airline where so many things went wrong all I could do was laugh!

It's tropical up here , hot balmy temperatures, we go out in the morning and stay in for the afternoon.

Nik and I facepainted by our daughters
I have been on a night shift mining adventure with my brother in a big MACK fuel truck visiting mines and refueling the mining machines - big Tonka Toys I called them!

Lots of photo's to look at on my face book page...

Take Care

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Fete et Fleur said...

Your daughter has grown so much since I last visited. She is beautiful!!

Love the face painting. Enjoy your time with your family!


Jen said...

pleased your having a great and interesting time :)