Monday 18 July 2011

I'm back

I'm back and very, very cold having gone from 30 degrees days to 11 degrees days back home in New Zealand, bye bye shorts, hello thermals!

The castle with its huge rooms and 12ft ceilings is icy! I took to my bed yesterday (first day back) just to keep warm!

Also missing my Australian family and my beautiful baby!

My niece & nephews

But today the sun is shining and I am up and moving!

My "to do" list is enormous and involves starting a much needed exercise regime, selling a pile of crap and moving the Princess's bedroom to another room which involves changing around 3 rooms!

I am also very motivated to do some creating and writing, creating inspired by playing around on Pinterest!

Today is the start of the three room change and makeovers so I had better get moving!

Take Care

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Jen said...

welcome home

wow girl you are going to be busy