Tuesday 28 June 2011



I blogged here about my apartment flooding disaster,


today the builder came to replace the kitchen ceiling and left me with this!

you can see the peeling original ceiling through the battens.

Thankfully they are coming back tomorrow to put the new ceiling in, I am not so keen on this gaping hole, it's very cold and what if furry things decide to pay a visit!

I did brave standing on a stool to have a better look, the original walls were matchstick, gorgeous! And look at that part of the original ceiling, pressed tin I am thinking! And am wondering if I could get up there and prise it off...hmmmmm...

Maybe not, am off to Australia tomorrow, must not get sidetracked!

Take Care

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Jen said...

have fun and safe travels :)

Monica said...

Dear Rachel,
thank you so very much for your sweet note, today! I have tried to comment in the past without success, I think it was Blogger.
I am well and happy, thank you, hope the same for you! Enjoy your trip.
Monica x

rochambeau said...

Hello Rachael,
So sorry to see what happened to your Castle!! But at least your ceiling is getting repaired.
Have a great time on your holidays~
About FB. I don't do it anymore, but
will go to your etsy now!