Wednesday 29 April 2009

Positively Pretty

I had such a good day yesterday, aired my dirty laundry to the world so to speak!!! It was something I needed to do as part of my grieving process/journey.

The beautiful comments left made me feel so good, the kindness and caring that flowed in from around the world gave me such comfort. Thank you!

I had real life visitors, lovely friends bearing gifts of bags of fruit, to keep my vitamins up and this gorgeous hot pink cyclamen.

I Skyped with my brother who lives in Australia and had a late night supportive phone call from my other brother who works in Australia but lives near by. Also a travel update from my Mum who is currently holidaying in . . . Armenia . . .

Backtracking a little bit to the weekend just gone . . . a good friend gave me a lovely idea for the Princess and I to do which is to keep a "Happy Diary" and each day journal something positive in it.

We 'made' our 'Happy Diaries" on Saturday, just hard covered notebooks we decorated (thanks Linda for the supplies!),

mine here, yes the couple was a deliberate choice, I am not going to give up on my love, hopes and dreams of having romance in my life!

and the Princess's, how cute is that!

On Sunday I felt really down and quite lethargic, it was an overcast and windy day, matched my mood really! anyway . . . quite spur of the moment, the Princess and I jumped in the car and drove to a nearby beach, she in her pink slippers, now ruined!. We walked and collected shells and Neptune's necklaces (seaweed) and blew the cobwebs away!

And do you know, it was so nice not to be thinking of having to get home to get a cooked meal on the table and all that sort of stuff!

Finding my positives where I can!

Off now, need to get some stuff put on Trade Me as my financial circumstances have changed dramatically, along with everything else!

My toes are still waiting as well, I am thinking Revlon Red, its sexy!

Have a good day

Take Care


Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Rachael Revlon Red sounds perfect.
What a great idea to have a Happy Diary.
Take care and keep positive.

Gail said...

Hello Darling, glad to see you blogging, wonderful therapy I am sure! Hugs to you and the princess, will call you soon with my wee update in the continuing saga of the house! Luv u xxx

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

I love the idea of a 'Happy Diary' Rachael andI think yours is absolutely beautiful. I'd want to write in that every day.
Hope it helps you deal with everything.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Lots of love and hugs to you and the Princess! What a wonderful place to get some joyous rest ... the beach is very therapeutic. =) hugs to you!

Linda said...

Hi Rachael,
You are such an inspiration, it is wonderful to see how strong you are for the princess. Stay strong and positive and know that there is so much support for you.
Best wishes.

Linda said...

I love the idea of your Happy Diary....we have so many blessings and sweet things in our lives that it's fun to take a moment to acknowledge them. I love red tootsies.....too pretty....hugs, Linda

Aimz said...

Rachel, I love revlon red, it's good to see and hear you haven't given up on love and you and your princess are taking time for yourselves. And as far as I'm concerned I don't mind how much dirty laundry you air, air away one is going to judge you, in fact you'd be surprised how many others are probably going through the same things. *hugs*

Lori said...

Rachael, i'm glad you have such a great support system to help you get through this...what a great idea to make happy diaries...the princess is such a beautiful girl, she is lucky to have such a strong and loving mom

Great-Granny Grandma said...

What a wonderful idea. Inspires me to start one myself. I love what you've done with your notebook. It is exquisite. And princess did a great job too. What a creative little girl she is. Must have inherited it from her mum.

Stephenie said...

Love the Happy Journals...They look amazing...I'm so glad you're staying positive.... Your little princess is just so darn cute...I'm thinking of you..