Wednesday 27 August 2008

Cairns, Australia - Day Two

First of all I have to tell you that I am not in Cairns anymore but actually back home in wet Auckland!! I wasn't organised enough to post daily when I was away, although I did think about it!

Secondly, to explain the 12 hour travel day we had. Cairns is a 5 1/2 hour direct flight from Auckland, its actually quite a long way away! We left Auckland at 7am, had to be at the airport two hours before that !!! We were doing 'cheap' flights so traveled by air to Brisbane, Australia which was a 3 1/2 hour flight. Then had a 4 hour wait in Brisbane before our next 2 1/2 hour flight to Cairns. It was the longest day ever and I will not be doing that again!!!

Anyway . . . Day Two in Cairns. We went to Port Douglas, about 40 minutes North of Cairns. Gorgeous drive, lovely beaches and scenery.

We went to Habitat which is a bird sanctuary. I have to be honest and say "I hate birds". Well maybe not hate, but they terrify me and they know it! I have some harrowing bird stories!!

Habitat was cool though, the birds were well fed and just sat on their branches and did not dive bomb or swoop down at me. Many birds had the most beautiful colours and I did have urges to do a bit of 'feather plucking' for future craft projects!

There were other animals to enjoy such as the kangaroos and wallabies (little kangaroos) which free ranged. Here the Princess is feeding a wallaby.

This huge nest belongs to a stork. You can just see the one egg sitting in it.

We came across this beautiful little old church. I fell in love with it.

Inside was so cool and light, the window at the back opened onto the sea. As I was taking this photo a Chinese Junk sailed past!

We went to a cafe called Soul and Pepper for lunch. It really appealed to my sense of humor.

The trees were full of toy monkeys!

I liked this sign! I attended to the Princess at all times as I was not sure what the storage rates would be!

Food to die for, my seared prawn salad and we shared the huge platter of fresh fruit.

I bought the Princess quite a lot but hardly a thing for myself. Did get this cute heart though at a gorgeous little gift shop on the way back to Cairns.

There ends Day Two in Cairns Australia.


Belated Birds and Bonnets Swap Show and Tell

I participated in the Birds and Bonnet swap hosted by Beth and Karla. Thank you to the ladies who's panels I have received.

Side One
Side Two

Beth whose gift wrapping is divinely unique, (much too unique to be shown to the world in general!) sent me an extra parcel of vintage wall paper and cards. Wallpaper of which I have not seen the likes before.

Thanks Beth:)



Gail McCormack said...

Thanks Rachael for a wonderful informative post, I have an Uncle living in Bramston Beach, I think approx one hour south of Cairns, I'd love to visit him and often wonder what Cairns is like, as for Port Douglas....sounds wonderful to me
Hope you and the Princess have settled back home nicely

Lori said...

Rachael, what a wonderful trip you had...your pictures are amazing...LOL on the unattended children sign...very funny...your princess looks adorable and she is having a good time judging by the huge sweet smile on her face:) thanks for taking us along with you!!!

Unknown said...

Love the pics - looks like a great trip. The church is amazing - I love beautiful old churches like that!

Beth Leintz said...

The princess is growing up too fast! What a cutie- speaking of cute- that prawn salad sure looked good. Sound like a wonderful holiday.

(thanks for not spilling the beans on my wrapping tricks!)

juliaD said...

Hi Rachael,
Thanks for visiting daughter's name is Rachel...I loved your trip notes to CAirns...especially the fear around the birds..and I love the festhers too...would have not passed cutoms to bring them home though...aye...( I'm an Ex Kiwi from Rotorua.....still end evry sentence with aye....haha.

Sugar Bear said...

Congrats on having the courage to check out the birds! I'm sure the Princess appreciated it!
Karla said...

Beth is a sweetie! Glad you liked your panels.

Alison Gibbs said...

Rachael sounds like you had a great time in Cairns. Lots to see and do. It is somewhere i would love to visit too

Katrina said...

Hi Rachael - I knew you were home from Cairns because i stalk your blog and knew you were going there weeks ago haha!! I nearly got married in that church, but decided to get married closer to our home so our family didn't have to travel too far. It's so cute!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your vacation looks like it was wonderful! That salad picture made me so hungry!

Brittany said...

Bwahahahah!! ROFL!! I need to make a sign like that for "towing away children" at my house for when friends visit!!

I'm not big on birds either. Yikes. Or insects. They're just too unpredictable.

Loved all your pics. Especially the church!! Lovely panels.